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Why I am a Conservative?

Why I am a Conservative?

There are many reasons that come to mind as to why I am a Conservative but the first one which is enough to keep me from being anything else is Abortion.

There are many who do not realize or believe that abortion is the murder of a child.

On the other hand, there are many who believe it is murder yet choose it because it makes their life easier.

Whether or not someone may disagree with me, I believe a baby is a life which starts at conception. Now, even if you do not believe that, you can see films and books and medical evidence of when the heart starts to beat and when the nervous system develops, etc… Perhaps you even don’t believe it is a life at six weeks but then, when do you believe it is a life?

The partial birth abortion is the legal right of the doctor to partially deliver a nine month old baby, drill a hole in its head and suck out the brains and then call it an abortion. Obama voted for that at least three times.

Therein lies the reason. If you believe in abortion I will not want you near my children or my grandchildren because you do not value life nor recognize it when you see it. So, if you plan on running for office, I cannot vote for anyone who would kill a baby.

Think about this, your husband brings home someone who has killed over five hundred babies. He is a doctor or as they say, an abortionist.Do you want to eat with him? Then why would you want to vote for someone like that.

Or do you say, “Well, he may be for abortion but he will help the economy”. Would you let someone kill your child for a few hundred dollars?

The left in general (not all but most) have consistently voted pro-abortion.

Here is a thought. If you watched a politician slam a bag of kittens into a wall to kill them would you vote for him? Yet a politician votes for the “right” to allow a “doctor” to scrape out a baby writhing in pain or to use a saline solution to burn it out and you don’t see a problem with that?

In Macbeth the three witches called out, “Fair is foul and foul is fair” I believe that time is here.

I want to make clear that if you have had an abortion or have been involved with the process, God loves you and there is forgiveness. Many,many have gone down that road and now have deep remorse. God forgives ALL who will come to him.

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