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Update January 2021

Unhappy Old Year!
Let’s face it. 2020 was not the greatest of years. China virus rampaged America as well as othe parts of the world. Many people died. People were locked in their homes and locked out of business. Many were hungry and could not pay their bills. On top of all that our Country was taken over by the left wing fanatics. The same people who rioted, attacked others, burnt down properties are now in charge.
However with all that, those who know the Lord were not dismayed and the peace that passeth understanding set our feet on solid ground.

We set up a food kitchen, we received tons of clothes and medical supplies along with toiletries and other things which we distributed to those who needed it most in our community.
We organized online classes as well as in Church classes and we were able to continue the childrens education without skipping a beat.
We graduated two from college and enrolled five more.We also only missed Church a couple of times when the military was blocking the roads. We then had Zoom Church but for the most part we had Church every week.

Thanks to your generosity we were able to pay the first year for our college students. In August we will need anothe $4000 to pay for the entire 2nd year. Please be faithful and send what you can. August will come quickly.

One of our college students got 2nd honor. Another made the Dean’s list. Laura has a 1.25 aveage. In the Philippines, 1.0 is the highest/ She also got a job online teaching a young boy violin online.
Five students made the Jollibee list. That is, when they have 85 minimum in each subject, I treat them to Jollibee!

If you remember Vanessa, she is a13 year old who lives with her disabled Grandfather. He makes mats to support them and Vanessa and her sister walk all over selling them, Despite that, They both have been getting supplemental learning at the Church for the last 6 years. She decided not to stay in the Children’s Bible study but has joined my adult class. We have a proactive lesson and she does better than many. Pray for her that her life will be blessedd.

Our Music

Our Choir and musicians get better everyday!
The sounds of our musicians continue towards excellence and we have a new person studying the Accordion.

We had a visit from our friends Kip and Emma Yattaw. Kip donated in the past, seven violins he made himself and was able to hear them all played last Sunday. He said he never heard more that two of his violins played at once. Our violinists are his legacy.
Our Need

Donations have been affected by China virus. If you can see your way clear, please send a one time gift or join us for monthly support.
God bless our regular supporters. We appreciate your generosity.




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