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May 2016

Back to School for the Payatas Kids!
The Payatas kids return to school in June. It is an exciting time for those kids that do not stay with their families to search for recyclables rather than be educated.

This is not without some frustration as the children must wear shoes to school and most kids wear flip flops all year long. Without the shoes, they can not attend.

They also need school supplies. A bag, note books, paper, pens, pencils, erasers, crayons,and other incidentals. Without the proper supplies, they can attend school but can only watch the others do their work.

For the older ones there is tuition and fare to get back and forth along with books.

Many families do not have the money and they will tell their children, "Sorry but no school this year." Eventually, the children grow up without school and wind up working garbage for the rest of their lives.

That is where PMO/PBC comes in. Right now we are trying to raise $700 of which we already have $190. With the $700, we should be able to buy the shoes and supplies needed for about 50 kids.

We have been doing this for the last ten years and our kids have been consistently in school. We use our personal money as well as the donations we get to accomplish this.

These little ones love Jesus and He blesses them. They will grow up to become good Christian adults who can supply the needs of their families.

Please pray for the needs here at Payatas.


Vanessa's Baptism

Vanessa came to us with her little sister. They live together with their Grandfather who takes care of them in the absence of parents. They live in a little shack. We got their birth certificates, uniforms and school supplies and registered them at school for the first time in their little lives.
Vanessa testified how much she loves  Jesus and the Church. She says we teach her how to count and to read and write  and  she feels blessed.



Spiritual and Physical Feeding

Our feeding program is continuing with more young men stepping up to do devotions and to pray.
7 Days per week, 52 weeks per year. One of our Church friends just donated a bag of rice for this month.

We have new kids at Church as a result of a very successful VBS (To God be the Glory!)

We pray, if you are visiting the Philippines that you will come visit us and see how God is working here. God Bless!
Ptr Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda

Thanks to all our supporters. May God blow you away with peace and joy!



Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc
PO Box 55233
Riverside, California 92517

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