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June 2014

June is a time for Lovers

We also know”Love is a very splendid thing” and “All you need is love”

How about you? What is your passion? We sometimes say, “Man, I love burgers”
or “I love football” and so on.
Yet the word love is to describe a relationship between people. I
love my wife, I love my kids. We need to pay attention to not placing an
inordinate affection on things that don’t matter or being less than
affectionate with those who do.
How is you love relationship with God? Is it your passion? Do you
wake up in the morning greeting Him or do you not feel that He is always
present? Are you quick to seek Him in times of trouble and more
important to be thankful for Him for all He has given to you?
Let’s focus today on our relationships of love. Our friends, our family and mostly, our God.

We are Thankful!

As I sit here writing my children are practicing their violins and
my wife is practicing the flute. I am completely overwhelmed at the
fact that not very long ago, none of them knew anything about music and
today, I have a free concert of sweet melody of which to listen. Thank
you Father for all you have given to us. You have placed your beautiful
music throughout my house and our Church. You have given to us
instruments and musicians alike and you have blessed them.
Please pray for new violins for our fourteen musicians. The difference in quality is astounding!
We also are planning a day of witnessing with violinists. They are
practicing now so that we will go down to the marketplace and our
violinists will play while the rest of the Church hand out tracts and
engages the people in Christian conversation.


Please pray for our upcoming concert on Aug. 29th 7pm to 10pm at the local covered court.
All of our musicians will play, we will also have hand mimes and
testimonies as well as a Gospel message. Pray that we will be able to
reach many on that night.

PBC Academics

We have started the PBC book club and thanks to those who donated
so many books our kids are having a great time reading. They read 
during the week and on Saturday they have a teacher who reviews what
they read and helps them to understand the words and the plot.

Our Church children are doing great in school. Even the teachers
in their schools notice that our kids are the ones with the answers!
Our music ministry and academics department is constantly expanding.
Also, thank you for those of you who sent school materials. We
have some that were sent long ago that we are now using in our programs.
God is Good!

Our Children are Christians!

Remember how Christians first got their name in Antioch? It was
because they acted just like Jesus. We are so happy that all of our kids
have met the Saviour and are constantly being sanctified. One
grandmother said about her grandson that she was so pleased that he has
stopped cursing and he is now behaving. Some of these kids come in as
lions but when they meet Jesus they become His lambs.

Pray for PBC that we will have the space and resources we need.

God Bless! Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura, Linda and the gang at PBC!



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