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July 2014

November 12th, 2010

It’s not just for the rich anymore


July is the month we
remember the fact that we fought to obtain our Independence. What a
celebration it is. You really can not appreciate Independence until it
is taken away from you. Just ask someone in jail about that.

Sometimes as we get older it is harder and harder to be
independent and we have to rely on others to do things we used to do so

Of course the term independent does not go along with the term
Missionary as we depend on the love and kindness of others as well as
their desire to help God’s work, to survive.

Here in Payatas there are too many dependent people. That is where
PMO/PBC comes in. We introduce them to the true independence creator.
Jesus Christ, because with him we are truly no longer dependent on the
will of others or situations. They learn to rely on the grace of God and
it is working!

Recently my wife was watching the TV and she said, “Look at this.” It
was a news show which stated that people graduating college here in the
Philippines are not getting jobs because they can not speak English.

On any given day you can hear me walking through the Church
shouting, “ENGLISH!” “ENGLISH!” at the kids as well as the adults.

it is one of the things that we do and that is to encourage them
all to learn English and well  so they can be in demand for good
employment.Studying the Word!

 With my     Brooklyn-English language skills, how can they go wrong?

We have two levels of Math teaching and all the other studies. Our
children are asked in school why they know so much and they proudly
say, we are taught at PBC!

I am so thankful to God for the independence he is giving everyone.

If you depend on God you will not need to depend on anyone else.

I have done a bit of calculating of the budget and I have come up with a very interesting result.

Our out go exceeds donations on a monthly basis but I have found
that each month God sends extra money from different places and enables
us to make our needs. Praise be to God that supplies our needs.


We had a wonderful dry run to see how well our musicians and performers can do. Everyone did great!

Click Here to see photos.

We are getting ready for August 29 where we have reserved the
covered court on Narra Street. It can fit over 1000 people. All of our
musicians will be playing as well as some of our kids will be doing hand
mimes with uv lighting showing the grace of God.

We will Share the Gospel message as well as our Church members who are not playing will give out tracts among the guests.

Our good friend and Missionary Troy Beaver and his wife Thai are coming to help us get this thing off the ground. Click to see his work.
Pray for all of us that the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be received by many. It certainly will be heard by many.

The week before we will go down to the market area and set up our
violinists to play as we hand out tracts and invitations to the concert.

Please pray for our musicians that we can get them some better functioning instruments.
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Payatas Baptist Church is known
throughout the area and even in far off Provinces. We strive to raise up
new , Godly Christians who are capable of repeating the process thereby
spreading Christianity in this place.

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Thanks to all of our supporters for your love and generosity. You are such a large part of what is happening in this place.

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda

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