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August 2006

As normal, I woke up to the sound of roosters and neighbors at 5 am. It is a blessing to rise at that time so that I can have my private devotion time with God. As is my daily routine and privilege, I prayed for all of you today.

Just about 6am the man on the bike with a hot box of pandesal, (hot bread) arrived so I bought 15 pcs. At 1 peso each. (about .27) I made a couple of eggs and had my coffee. All this happens just before my wife and her cousin wake up. I think this is carefully planned to avoid making me breakfast. That.s okay though, I enjoy the quiet time.

Oh, I forgot to mention, little Linda was having allergic reactions in the States which proceeded to worsen here. We went to Bro Sam’s sister the doctor and she prescribed medicine and spoke to Malou about what she was eating. Well, the rashes are disappearing and the baby is not scratching anymore. Praise God! All that and she didn.t even charge us a peso. I wanted to pay her but it seems she had already received a phone call from Bro. Ernie Gallardo who instructed her not to charge us. We thank you bro. Ernie.

I, hopefully, am going to send this diary off today and am hoping to hear about Sr. Tina.s results.

I called the telephone company (internet provider) they apologized for the man not showing yesterday but assured me of his arrival today. Uhhuh.

Malou and I want to thank all of you who gave to our fund when we left. We wanted to send you each a special thank you but it was so hectic when we left that we just could not get to it. We do want to thank you for your generosity and want you to know that we appreciate you all. Although we are here doing the Lord’s work and know that God wants us here, if we had a second choice we would be back with all of you in a minute. We miss you all very much.

Brother Andrew, I will be sending a video tape to your home. Please text me your address. I would ask if it will be possible for you to make it into a media presentation that could be sent out to the list of Churches. It will require about 125 copies and I will have the money sent to you when you tell me the cost. I am hoping but not assuming that you will be able to do this.

I spoke to Bro. Pagadora and he has invited me to speak at his church in August. Also, Bro. Nable is hoping Pastor Abrot will be here in Dec? for some conference he mentioned.

Sr. Rina, I text your sister and she said we can visit tonight but I should wait for her text as your mom might be released today.

Bro. Reden, keep praying for your plans to become a fact! I believe they will and soon!

I wish I had Sr. Odhetthe here with her camera. She would do a good job of showing the conditions here. BTW, Sr., they are all talking about me here!

We will be starting the process of incorporation here shortly for the birth of Payatas Baptist Church. Be proud! This will be the first sister Church spawned by Bethel!

Please continue to pray that God will open hearts all over Payatas, give us land and a building, give us funds to operate.

Pastor, were you able to send the Bibles? How is your back? J I am praying for you my brother. BTW, I am getting skinnier by the minute-Watch out Raoul.

Okay, I have to go as it is a busy day (as usual) God Bless you all and mightily as he gives you land and a building but most importantly, keeps you in faith towards Jesus and love of the brethren. JJW

Payatas Baptist Church
Pastor Jack Wilson

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