Majority Rules

Majority Rules

We have all experienced as children, whether it involved ourselves or another child, being left out of a decision. It might have been a game we wanted to play but all the rest of the kids wanted to play something else.

We see that as being fair because in life majority rules.

A Democracy describes that system where the majority rules but doesn’t a Republic also? the power in the republic lies in it’s elected officials and although they are less than the voters they are in the majority as having power.

This is why we are amazed today as it seems there is nothing that we want which will pass Congress and the Senate even though we have the majority in both places.

The record will show that about 50% of Senate Republicans vote with the Democrats at any given proposal.

Why is that? Money! Lobbyists, cronyism, lining one’s own pockets… So only about 50% or less of the Republicans represent us and that means we will lose every time unless we start to vote them out.

We don’t lose because of Democrats, we lose because of Republicans adding to whatever the Democrats want.

Thinking along those lines we do however have the power to vote them out. Unfortunately, most/many people are blinded by theatrics. Their representatives do some slight of hand, some fast talking and the people still vote for them not even realizing that they are not representing their views.

There is a conspiracy to take over America. I believe it goes as deep as Satan himself. Our system of voting is not only being destroyed by unconscious voters, it is being destroyed by strategic voters.

The Muslims are getting into this Country as fast as they can. Now, you can blame Obama for that (I do) You can blame both parties for that (I do also) but the bottom line is we have lost our power.

Muslims multiply 8 children to our one. How long will it take for them to grow up and vote?

At least 18 years? Think again. They started already.

What will they vote for? Shariah law. We will not be in charge of our own Country anymore.

All I can do is warn you. You need to scrutinize each person coming up for election. Check their records and if they have voted against you on important issues, fire them. Check the Tea Party Candidates.

This election will decide what happens to this Country. There will be no other chances.

Don’t vote for Carson just because he is black. We already did that with Obama. He may be personable but his background is not good. You can read how he hit his mother with a hammer and another child he hit in the head with a padlock and do not believe he is born again as he is a 7th day Adventist, a follower of Ellen G. White. Google it and you will see.

There are only two serious candidates and they are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Ted Cruz is a Christian and a highly intelligent leader. He has a proven track record of fighting against the evil in his own party. Donald Trump is a business giant and is well aware of how to make deals, how to grow an economy… A Cruz-Trump ticket would be in our best interests.

Please, verify what I have just said. Don’t discount it as just another Conservative who doesn’t want to help people. Not true. I serve in the Philippines as a Missionary. I believe in free education and Medical treatment and believe we would have more than enough to pay for it if we did not have corrupt politicians. We need to educate our people once again. Minorities should have education. The Government forced many of them into involuntary slavery dependent on the system. Strengthen our discipline system starting in the schools and let’s help these kids become the world’s best again.

It’s up to you. Start now. Pray, tell your friends. Let’s get out the RIGHT vote.

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