Nine Years in Payatas — Wanna Help?

1It’s been over nine years since I got off the plane in Manila as my family and I planned to serve God here for the rest of our lives.

My two daughters, Laura then four years old and her six month old little sister, Linda, had no concern at all as they willingly followed their parents in child like faith, into the ministry. This would be the same as their parents did following God.

1Our plan from the beginning was to win souls through every available means and to deal mainly with the children who were not yet doubters of the power of God when we obey.

It’s been working slowly as we bring them in, teach them about salvation, teach them academics so their grades will improve giving them the opportunity to receive a good job for their work. We teach them English and we have a music program where we have taught them how to read music and through the help of good friends have supplied them with violins, guitars, a keyboard, recorders, ukeleles and we are prayerful to start a wind section.

All this is giving them confidence in everything. No longer is their dream to become the driver of the garbage truck but now they look to professional jobs believing they can achieve all things through Christ.

We monitor their education by recording their grades and encouraging better ones which they do get. We visit their homes and schools. We enroll those who do not attend. We buy them uniforms and school supplies and have a feeding program for them.1

We have one graduating college this year. One next year, Many are starting college. Our 20 year plan is working.

Yet I can not help but to think if only we had the resources of places that do not appreciate their Christian heritage like Harvard. It was a one time training ground for ministers and now I believe it has become a training ground for atheists.

What if we had the $5 Million dollars to build our Compound ? One which would contain three leve3ls of schooling. One that had a auditorium for our musicians and a Church to hold a couple of thousand. We have three Pastors in this little Church and we could be having three Sunday Services. At 2000 attendance each, that would be 6000 people hearing the word on Sunday.1

With an outdoor exhibition area we could have evangelistic musical concerts and preaching inviting hundreds each time to hear the word of God in word and song.

I see the places like Iglesia and Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Mormons, all building huge buildings while the real Church of Jesus Christ slowly moves along. How do they build in poor places where the people have barely enough to eat? The outsiders do it. They are dedicated to reaching out to the poor and so, the true Church seems only interested in them selves. Other philanthropists usually center on the Churches who are huge already.

Whatever I write is worthless if it is not the will of God but perhaps I write because God wants to encourage giving. Perhaps it is time to looking at places like Payatas and help to make them work better.

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Pastor / Founder of Payatas Quezon City Baptist Church and Ministries, Inc. Founder and C.E.O. of Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc. Started the Church here in Payatas , Philippines in 2006 We have since then ministered to thousands. See our web sites for details http://www.Save
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