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Documents 2July makes me think of freedom. It makes me think of all the freedom America has. However freedom has brought with it many consequences.

For example, there is now the freedom of abortion, homosexuality, teaching debauchery in schools.
Imagine, we can not yell fire in a crowded theatre but we can spew foul language at will, in public.
We can not speak to the right but the left is welcome.
So the question I will ask you, Do you long to be free?
Even with the new society and all its ills, John 8:36 says- If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed.
If you don’t know Jesus, call on Him and ask for salvation and if you do know Him, ask for peace and to please secure you in His Freedom!


We have two anniversaries. The 1st is July 21st, we arrived in Manila 15 years ago.
The 2nd is Malou and I were married July 31,
22 years ago.
We are blessed!

Feeding at PBC

We have been feeding the hildren for over ten years now andd it has improved each year. We have a wonderful Bible study with the feeding and the children are blessed.
Come See!


We work hard to educate our children. First with Biblical knowledge and second with Academics topped off with music both the reading of and playing of an instrument.
We offer an incentive. Children 12 years old and below with all 80’s and better will receive P100 ($2 U.S.)
13 years old and up with a straight 85% across the board gets a Jollibee meal.
Those with 95% across the board gets a Kenny Rogers meal.
It works! I bet we have tthe smartest kids in town.

Come See!

College & Car Fund

Most of you already know, we are trying to raise money for a car. If we would have used our own money for that purpose over the years, we would have been able to buy three new cars. However we chose to buy junk cars and use our personal money for ministry.
Now I am mostly blind in one eye an either have my wife or daughter drive. They need a safe automatic. We have about $1,400 but as we researche a new car is out of reach so we need $2k or so for a down payment for maybe a 3-4 year old car.

Another problem is the college Fund. We have about $448 in that fund.
School starts this Monday and as of now, the students we were able to send last year have no means to make it this year.

We do not know God’s will for this but we are depending on Him. Please pray for these two important projects. (School first)

NOTE: Some have sent money for the car and some sent for college and ssome we divided between the two when it was not mentioned however whatever you designated funds for it will only be used for that purpose.


We have resumed outreach to the community. Regular visitation and two by two where we set up 10 week Bible studies in the people’s homes. We bring a small bag of rice when we visit. We now have about 7 additional members of men and women who visit. All together we have a force of about 15 who visit.

Please keep us in yur prayers as we keep you in our prayers. We thank all of you who are mindful of this ministry!




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