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Should Christianity be mixed with Politics?

As Christians we hear all the time that we should not bring our Christianity into politics.

My question is, Then what can we bring in?

I have learned from youth the ten commandments, should I now discount that or at least not consider that while in the political arena?

I don’t really think that’s what they mean when they say don’t bring your Christianity with you.

What is meant is, if your Christianity tells you that abortion is murder, you can’t use that. If it says marriage is between one man and one woman, you can’t use that either.

If your Christianity speaks against the cohabitation of a couple without the benefit of marriage, you can’t bring that belief with you.

It is alright to be a politician and do a little “insider” stock trading which is illegal to all Americans except the politicians. It’s Okay to push a secular agenda in the schools where you teach homosexuality as something normal and that it needs to be respected.

It’s alright to spend the peoples money on “Art” such as a upside down Jesus in a glass of urine.

You just can’t bring your religion into it. Hmmmm? Isn’t Secular humanism a religion?

We have given up our rights for so long we have long lost most of them. Christians tell other Christians not to argue about such things and to keep quiet while men in woman’s underwear parade down main street announcing boldly to the world their debauchery.

Perhaps they mean, if you are Christian, don’t even become a politician. Heck, don’t even vote. Wouldn’t they love that?

They will bring their socialism and communism and hedonism and all other kinds of isms as they tell you that your values are not acceptable. Oh how the founding fathers must be turning in their graves.

People, I beg you today, bring God back into your conversations. Bring Him back into your lives. Bring Him to your place of business and bring Him when you go shopping and especially bring Him into the public and political arena.

Please, do it quick before he will no longer respond to our call.

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