September Update 2018

Sometimes I ask myself, does it really make a difference what we do?

Being in the mission field and feeling like you don’t have enough support and you wonder, “Do I make a difference. Who really cares?1

Then I look at the hordes of children who happily enter the Church to worship and to learn and to fellowship with each other. I see them coming in the morning to eat what which might be their main or only meal of the day.

I see them go off to school with uniforms we have made, books and supplies that our supporters have supplied, and them not having to feel less privileged because they have what the other kids have.

The kids come charging into the Church waving their report cards so we can see how much they have improved.

One young lady could not go to college because she did not have the right papers. We got those papers and next year, she will be a college student.

I saw our ladies went to a home where the mother had left and the father worked. The house was a mess and so they went in and scrubbed down everything, did the piles of dishes, and brought the laundry home to wash. The six children were invited to Church and they all showed up and they love it. They were started in our education program as well as our everyday feeding program.

Yes, it is hard sometimes hoping for donations so we can help these kids know the love of Jesus, but I do know we are making a big difference.

Senior Citizens
We had the opportunity to obtain Government cards for our Senior Citizens. These cards give them substantial discounts on food and medicines. 1 2

Widows and Orphans
We received a donation from friends in Canada to bless our widows and orphans which we have two of each. Beacause of this we will be able to provide them food, pay for doctor visits, and give dresses to our two young girls.

Box Ministry
The box ministry has been a huge blessing to our people and other churches and whoever God puts in the way to bless.1 3 We received boxes from Canada, Iowa, and of course our dear friends at VFN in Florida. Thanks to all.

Our Pastor’s Car
We were able to get a beat up old Nissan and restore it for under $2000. A new car (which we could never afford) cost a minimum of $16,000 so to restore one in a place where parts and labor is cheap, is a good idea. Many thanks to those who sent contributions, it really helped. We are still $1,000 in the hole and are praying for it. The car will be out of the paint and body shop by Monday where it will then go to get auto locks installed. (The locks are in bad condition) We will also get a new muffler and repair the hazard lights. That should complete the job. Photos to follow.

12th Anniversary1 4

Please pray for our 12th anniversary this November. We hope to have a small celebration at the Church.

Christmas Party

Yes, I know, it’s only the end of September. Do you know they are playing Christmas songs here already and the stores have decorations up. We plan to have our annual Christmas Celebration for 100 kids again this year. We hope we can count on your support for that endeavor.1 5

God bless you all and many thanks to all those who have faithfully supported our Mission.




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    Manny Rodriguez says

    Thank you very much for sharing your updates. For sure we have points to pray and support.

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