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October 2006

Hi all, Just another update. Don’t want you to think i’m sleeping! Please pass it along.

I am so blessed to be here while God is performing such miracles. In area �B� on Tuesday we had two people come to the Lord and in area �A� on Wednesday we had one person saved. It seems now if we go one service without someone getting saved it will be very disappointing. We will be having our Sunday services at one of the squatter�s homes on Sunday.

The excitement of starting our first Church is mounting. My good friend Ptr. Jerry Anota, went with me yesterday to negotiate for a sign to be made and saved me 250p! That�s $5 U.S. but here it is a good savings and every bit helps. We certainly learn to be tight-fisted when it comes to spending money. The sign which is 7� long and 3� high and has lights inside will cost 9720 p. That comes to under $200. When I think of what this sign would cost in the states, I probably could finance the Church for a year! I had questioned if we really needed such a sign. After all, we could probably get a plain sign for half the cost. I felt God telling me to do it. When I think about how Litex road is lousy with dilapidated buildings and garbage, our Church building is neat, and clean and the sign will be an absolute beacon to draw others to our Church.

Ptr. Anota also is a wannabe lawyer and has formed corporations before so he is putting our papers together to make us all legal. By this month we will be official. Although I believe in God�s eyes we have been official all along.

God is so good as He has given us this Church on Litex Rd which is the main thoroughfare through the Payatas. If you can picture it, Litex Rd is winding and higher than the surrounding area. On one side is a wall and behind the wall is the La Mesa Reservoir and on the other side are very skinny roads (barely one car wide) some paved, some not and most in disrepair. These roads lead to communities of squatters down below. So to have the Church on Litex, all will pass and see it as opposed to being below in one of these areas where exposure would be severely limited.

We received some unexpected money which is a wonderful help to pay the first half of our building rental.
We still need:
7720 p (abt $155) for the sign. (We gave them 2kp down).
7,500p ($150) second payment for bldg before Nov 1st
$270 for 90 chairs (we had already purchased 10)
Electric (year) $400+
Water (yr) $90
Phone (Yr) $400+
Complete sound system- about $500
If anyone has an old communion set, offering basket/bag/plate/Hymnals feel free to ship them to us! Mostly, we need your prayers. Please , when you pray, please pray for those supporting us also. Pray that God will bless them for blessing our ministry. Please don�t forget as it is very important. There are some people supporting us even though their resources are small and we appreciate them so much.
November 5th will be the first service in our new building. We may have to sit on the floor and use a tin can for a microphone but I just have such a good feeling that God will cause us to be overfilled on that day! Pray that God not only gives us an overflow crowd, but He gives us many, many salvations. Also, please pray with us as we realize this building will not be sufficient for more than 100 and we need a much larger space. We are still praying for the compound that we have envisioned.

We have a new Website at: and email can be sent to me at: This site was a gift from an American friend living here in Ampid, San Mateo. He has also given us .net and .com so you can use any extension to get us.

God bless you all until next time!

Payatas Baptist Church
Pastor Jack Wilson

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