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May 2013


May is the time for growing things. Here in Payatas we are also  growing and with it we are experiencing growing pains.


We have college students now

We started this ministry with young children and those children
have been taught by us as well as gone to the local schools. Because of
the work and encouragement we have given to them, they now have goals
for the future. We have told them there is no future without a college
education. Now we have the added problem of sending them to school.

Last year we had one student namely Nicole Plaza. Nicole
maintained a 1.5 average (1.0 being the highest) and this year she has  a
sponsor who has paid for this year in college.

This year, we have three more Students:

Read all about them by clicking here

It costs $25 per month for ten months to send a student for one year. Or, a one time gift of $250



We are growing in members

We have added five members to the roll this month along with a new Baptism.

Needless to say, an already crowded Church is getting that much more crowded. Please pray for the

Building of our Compound.


The Music Ministry

As we grow it costs. We have 5 more applicants to learn guitar and five
more for violins. The total cost for the least expensive instruments is:
$300 -I know. “You can buy five guitars and five violins for only
$300?” Yes, but three hundred dollars to us might as well be three
thousand. Please Pray!


Our growing Church

We keep getting new children. Children are not officially members until
they reach sixteen. We add weekly to the math and English classes
and we are looking forward to those growing kids eventually becoming the new leaders in the Church.
Just to watch the children witness to others with such zeal or
see them (before we start the service) burst into a song gives me great
joy. The singing and laughing and constant smiles make PBC a great place
to be.


Will God Use You?

Let’s face it. Payatas is the poorest place in the Philippines. Our
average collection is $25 per week. So, most of our funds comes from
Churches and individuals who see the work and want to be a part of it.
However with only about $1300 per month to support our family and the
Church expenses you can see there is not anything left for special
projects. I will try to fund the students with what we have and will
pray for special gifts to come in time. As the Church grows, the need
grows but eventually, perhaps in the next three and four years when we
start seeing these students graduate, we will see them getting good
jobs. Then they can give back to the church and will help to send the
next students to college. As we grow, we will hopefully grow out of the
need for the support we so desperately need now.

Take a look at these few photos. It will give you an idea of the life of those without an education:

May God Bless You As You Bless Others



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