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May 2011

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it possible to change an entire Barangy? (County)

Payatas is a
place described as “Hell on Earth”, “Dantes Inferno”
“Land of Garbage” and much more. It is a place completely
under represented by humanitarians. There are no rock stars having
concerts for the poor here. There are no movie stars shining a light
here. When Typhoon Ondoy killed so many and displaced about one
million people (from what were only shacks to begin with), it mostly
made only local news.

This place
is worse than Africa. Oprah and American Idol aren’t here and it is
worse than Haiti yet no one sees it here because unlike Haiti, no one
comes here with cameras.

there is a feeling of defeat because when America left this place
fell apart.

I believe
that Christians should pray for the Government and leaders, as the
Bible says. Since I came here in 2006 I have been doing that. I have
seen improvements in the infrastructure.
I have tried to teach my
church to also pray which they are only now starting to do. How much
more we can touch the ear of God if we had many more praying.

This place
could start building new homes and roads. It could plant trees to
help fight the pollution. We could place more Churches to improve
morality. A completely saved Payatas.

It can work.
It can happen. Imagine being part of that?


Are We There Yet?

Do you remember when you were a child going on a trip be it long or short, asking , “Are we there yet?”
In life however, we realize that we are never really there until it is
over and then we will be “THERE”. Our goal here in Payatas is to make
sure that we show everyone their options. How about you? Do you know
where you will end up at the end of your life? The Bible says, ” 1Jn
5:13  These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of
the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye
may believe on the name of the Son of God. “
All religions say the Bible is their Guide so why not read it today and you also can know where “there” is.

April was a great month for sharing the word.

Our 2011 V.B.S. was a wonderful success. Our theme was “The Lost World”
where we instilled the word of God and taught the kids to tell others
also. With games and stories , songs and crafts the children were
overwhelmed with fun and excitement. Click here to see the PHOTOS.

was followed up by our 2011 Camp Experience at Word of life Camp in
Laguna. The kids went to confrences, played games, went swimming, ate
like horses and praised the Lord as they all got along so well. One of
our Campers won the best camper award given to only one out of hundreds.
This is the second time we won it.
Click here to see the PHOTOS.

We followed that up with four children asking to be Baptized. See PHOTOS.

And we had a Church outing to a waterfalls in Rizal Province.

All in all we had a very busy month.


We had applied for a grant of $25,000 so that we could buy a van, buy
school supplies for the kids and get more computers to help the children
with college prep and career help. We were turned down. The
organization obviously did not even take the time to see who we were.
They thought we were in the U.S. and they wanted to reach the unreached
as if 97% non Christian wasn’t good enough for them. Anyway, please
continue to pray for God to open doors so we can do more here.


Because of the generosity of a supporter, most of Laura and Linda’s school expenses were met!

Continued from left column

We have fed,
clothed, gave medical treatment as well as taught the Children in
VBS, sent them to camp, gave them hope. We are changing lives but
only handfuls at a time. We have support of about $1,200 per month to
run our home and Church. That’s it! We have done much by God’s grace
and could do more if more would get involved.

Please don’t
say you don’t have money. You are rich compared to most of the world.
Many could easily give $5 per month. So many could give $100 or more.

We are in
desperate need of more computers to help prepare the kids for college
and to get them specialized in the jobs in demand here. Most kids
here graduate and stand on line at McDonalds. The majority don’t get
the jobs and go home to prepare for a life of nothing.

Please look
at this video we took. This is where we work. I pray it will touch
your heart that you will join with us.



Thanks for all you do.
Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda

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