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March 2017 Update

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Are You Praying?
I often wonder about praying. I wonder if I am wasting my time. Now that really sounds bad but if you were praying that your neighbor’s dog would get hit by a car because he always uses your yard for a bathroom, I don’t think that prayer would be answered.
The Bible says:Joh_14:13  And whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father may be glorified in the Son.
What does Jesus mean here? I believe if we ask according to His will,  it will be given to us. David prayed that God would give him the desires of his heart. David did not want his desires but God’s inside him so when He prayed, God would grant that prayer.
The bible says that we should say, “if the Lord wills”. We want His will in everything. We have been praying for a compound for ten years. I asked God (as well did the Church) that if it is not His will, remove it from our hearts so we can focus on His will. He did not take the desire from us,so we must  believe, in His timing, it will happen.
Please pray for us when you pray and ask God to put His desires in our hearts so we can be in the center of His will.

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We baptized Abagail Mahinay last week. Baptisms are always a blessing to the one who gets it and the Church that observes it. Praise God!


We received two beautiful handmade violins from our friends in Maine. It was delivered by our friends in North Carolina
God’s hands were on it from the beginning!

Our annual V.B.S.
April 17-22

Please pray that new children will be saved and older children will learn more. It is a wonderful time for all!

Lito’s new Knees!

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  So much time and effort has gone     into exams, medicines and planning but it seems we are very near to an operation. Lito needs two new Knees. He is not able to walk without them. We just found out that the Government (different agencies) will cover the entire cost.
God is good-please keep praying

Students are moving up!

The end of school is here and all of our children have not only graduated their perspective classes, they have excelled.
We will soon look forward to another solid year of growth.

More News: Some of our musicians attended a concert at U.P. University. It is great to see their interest in music.

We will have a pass over service at the Church along with communion to show the promise of His coming and his resurection for us.

Through a generous Luthier, we were able to supply our music students with valuable violins. We buy guitars for the students who take Guitar but they are basically made of cardboard. If you would like to donate to this cause, any amount. Please let us know.

For all of you who prayed or have given, we thank you. You are in our constant prayers.




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