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March 2014

Worldly Vision

Otherwise known as World Vision, Announced last week that they
were now going to allow “married” homosexuals to work for them. (Blog)
However the Christian community came together in force to condemn
their actions and so they reversed their policy in just three short

This is a “Christian” organization which collects 1 Billion Dollars a year in donations.

This is not a shock to me or many who realize that the days of Noah are rapidly approaching.

When I think of all the good we do through Christ, how much we
sacrifice and how we follow Biblical doctrine and we make a plea to
raise $1000 to offset our expenses. That we raise $350 and are stuck for
the rest and we could not send our kids to camp because the price is
too high.I know that we do not have to fear the non Christian community.
We need to fear the Christian community.

People like Benny Hinn and others who live in mansions as the
children of God struggle to do His will . What does the “Christian”
community say? “Make bricks without straw”.

I saw a wonderful Bible study on FB the other day. It was full of
photos of Lobster and Shrimp and all sorts of goodies. I think of how
people complain because their mortgage is too high or the gas costs too
much and we can’t go to McDonalds because the price is too high.

People might think I am complaining. I am. Paul told various
Churches that he expected them to send him on his way. This means to
help finance his work. He told the Corinthians that they needed to
fulfill the vow they made to help support him.

It was the Macedonians that show us a true sense of giving. That
seems to always be the way. A few that are not wealthy giving to the
needs of others.

People today take on a hundred missionaries and give them a few
bucks and then tell everyone how many missionaries they support. It
takes more than a few bucks.

Perhaps we need a Missionary Month. At this time you might think
on things like how much money the missionary has in his pocket or does
he have clothes for the family. How is his health? Do they have a health
plan? Retirement? How about a vacation?

No, World Vision’s newsflash did not surprise me. They were
testing the waters. They wanted to see if Christians are so self
absorbed they would not notice.

Not his year World Vision. Maybe next.

April 28th – May3rd
Every year around this time we have our annual VBS. This time is
used to continue to train our Church kids in the Lord as well as a venue
to reach out to other children.
The cost is $300 for food, crafts and teacher supplies.
We can use your help


Ronnie Clarin has decided to follow the instruction of Christ by entering the waters of Baptism. We are proud of Ronnie.


We had some dear friends donate some money and so we were able to
pay for the VBS materials, as well as we bought 10 recorders for some
very excited young people. That brings us to 19 children playing or
learning to play!


Our plan to educate the children is going fantastic. One of our
older college students actually was asked to teach the other students
that have problems with math at their school.
Some of the younger ones have received 1st, 2nd & 3rd honors and all of our kids are excelling in their studies.

Today, we have a Dell Manager who attends our Church who started
teaching computer studies. The first class had about 30 kids!

Our preacher is teaching advance math for the older kids. They?re loving it!


There gives me no greater pleasure than serving God here in the
Philippines. To be able to preach and to teach and to organize an
organization which is lifting children up and watching them grow in
Christ is a blessing. I am sure my legacy will be thousands of people
who became strong members of the Christian community and will escape the
poverty that is in this place.
My only sadness is the lack of interest of others to help support
this work. There is no doubt as to what is being accomplished here as
everything is documented. The only doubt is why do Christians choose not
to help.

Our Supporters
Keeping these words in mind I want you to know how this makes us
feel so much closer to you. You have been used by God to keep this
mission going. I know that so many of you are personally blessed because
of your generosity. Thank you.

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda

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