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March 2011

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Time to Breathe fresh!
Although my early life may not have been in fancy
living, when you see how some of  the children live here, it’s beyond

Yes, this is a real “house” Imagine waking up to see a
rat run away and not knowing if he was crawling on you or your children?


Did anyone see the million dollar winner?
As I watched the show I saw this school supervisor
declare that anything she won would go to three educational areas for
the deaf. she was not a movie star but just a wonderfully, kind hearted
women. I believed she was going to be the first person to win. In my
heart, I felt it because of her generosity.
How about you? Do you want to be a winner? Than please
help those who can not help themselves.As you give, God notices.



Once again we look forward to 100 happy children.
(As you can see, we ask you to also pray for our vision to bulid here in Payatas so that we can reach out to thousands more.)

We have just added another family of four to our membership. Pray for more room!

I remember like it was yesterday. I was nine years old
and had walked down the stairs where I lived and out onto the street. As
I opened the door the warm sunlight brushed my face and I could see the
shadows of the new green buds on the trees, about to burst into a full
foliage. Life was good.

My parents had taken us out of the ghetto where our rent
was $45 per month, into a nice quiet neighborhood where it cost $93.15
per month.
As I had hope for the summer, Pop was pondering how he was going to make up the huge difference in the budget.

My father for most of his life, worked in a factory at
the night shift. Rain shine, sleet or sickness, he went to make sure we
felt the sunshine on our face and had an opportunity to go to a good
school and suceed in the future.

I think of the fathers here who want to do the same
thing. they are not afraid to work hard but there is nothing. How they
look at their children as labor to help the family survive even as young
as five years old. How many do not go to school because their efforts
collecting garbage can help the family eat and I plead, where is their

That’s why I came here. To try to give them that hope.


In the beginning of April, I would like to send 65 kids
to camp. Initially I thought it would cost $1,500.00 and now we find out
there is no 1 free for each two registered as previous years and also
because of the price of fuel the bus now costs 50% more. The devil
doesn’t want these children to get any of that hope.

We have collected $788.77 which is almost half. This
camp experience does make a difference in the lives of these kids. I
wish you could be here to see it.

So with new calculations it will be about $27 per child
to send them to camp for four days and nights. $27 to give them renewed
or fresh hope so that they can meet the new school year ( which begins
in June here) with the idea that they can learn and grow and flourish.

Won’t you help send a child to camp? Please go HERE to see how easy it is to give. Thank you and May God bless your desire to help His children.


Vacation Bible School

We are gearing up for our fifth and hopefully best VBS yet.
have great teachers who have been training for the event. Our cooks are
ready to feed the 100 or so children who will be attending and all of
our people are ready to present Christ in a loving way through teaching,
counseling, games, feeding and plenty of fun.

Please pray for the hearts of these 100 children to come to know Jesus.

We don’t have rock  or movie stars or politicians to
publicize the need on TV and to raise millions to help this dreadful
place. We do have you and whether you can afford to send $5 or $5
million, we ask you to send it NOW. Please don’t put it off. Become a
faithful supporter to help these kids have a spiritually and physically
fulfilled life.

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