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March 2010

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 This is dedicated to my friend and sister,

Ann Wilson Vollmerhausen July 26,1956 -February 19, 2010

Updates 2010

This update is a bit
late as it has been such a month of

A Tale Of Two States


I went to New York to
bury my best friend and Sister. While
attending the funeral we had to take my father to the
hospital as he could not
breathe due to complication of his chronic heart
failure. Thank God they were
able to take care of him and he is now at home and
feeling much better.  On top of that, my daughter was
coming down
from Buffalo with her two kids in the car and she
skidded on the ice and
wrecked the car. Once again I give thanks that no one
was hurt.

New York had its 4th
largest snowstorm in its
entire history and I was fortunate to be right there
in the middle. (In case you missed it, that was sarcasm)

I was able to see my Pop
and brother as well as many cousins
that I had not seen in years. Unfortunately as they
say, we only get together at funerals and weddings. As a missionary,
it’s not all funerals or any weddings that I get to attend.


After finishing that
week I flew out to California where I
preached the Sunday night service at my sending
church.  It was great to see all the church family as
well as the friends that came to see me.

I was escorted to the
home of my good friends the Smiths
where they allowed me to get a lot of must needed
sleep. The fellowship was
good too!

I was blessed by many
gifts starting with a new laptop
computer from my Church as well as financial gifts and
many personal items that
filled to boxes that I had to ship home.

On the plane home,
someone took sick and they set down in
Alaska to get them help. I always wanted to visit
Alaska but not that way. We
got back in the air over an hour later but too late to
meet up with the
connecting flight to Manila. That however was a
blessing as they put us up in a
great hotel and fed us two great meals and I was able
to sleep once more.

When I had arrived in
California I was overwhelmed by the
beauty. There were flowers and trees and sidewalks
that were not broken and
clean. The sky was beautiful and the air fresh as well
and the houses were

When I lived there I
never appreciated the richness that
everyone enjoys in the U.S. Even the poor are rich
compared to the condition in
the Payatas. It was such a shock to see the contrast
that even I as a permanent
resident of the Philippines never realized existed.

I want to say that as a
missionary whose only income is that
of those who support this ministry, it can be
frustrating when a family death
occurs and you need the money to travel home.
Fortunately, my sending Church
Pastor Rudy Abrot  and his wife Sr.
Rina  was here in Makati attending the
world conference of Bethany Baptist Church. He
immediately took care of
everything I needed and so I did not have to worry
about traveling back. He
also blessed us by preaching at our Church on Sunday
and visiting our clinic.
He was an encouragement to us.



Now that I am home I
need to actively search for a new home
as we have to now give up the house that we are now
living in. We are thankful
to have been able to live rent free for over three and
a half years but now we
will have to pay rent. It will cost us about $200 per
month and although you
may laugh and think that?s nothing, it is a small
fortune to those without the
means to pay for it. Additionally, we have absolutely
no furnishings of our own
so we will be in a bare apartment to start off. Please
pray that we are able to
get our need supplied.


Another thing that I am
thankful for is that we received
cash gifts that have allowed us to pay the large drug
bill we had at the
clinic. We are hopeful that now the clinic will be
able to pay for itself.

We may also add an
ophthalmologist to our clinic in the next
week or so.


Vacation Bible School

We have been notified
that VBS training will be on March 13th.
Seven teachers will attend.  Our VBS
should be held sometime in April. Each year we have
about 100 children.

If you would like to
help with the cost of VBS please go
and scroll down to VBS. Please note that we
will be getting free VBS supplies and that will cut
the cost by almost half.



Camp will be this year
on April 26-30. We would like to send
at least the same amount of children as we did last
year which was 75. If you
would like to help send a child to camp click here to
see the details: 
and scroll down to Camp. You can also go to: 
where you can see all our photos of the



One thing Pastor Abrot
said to me was ?Brother, you need a
bigger place.? Actually he was overstating the
obvious. He also offered to help
us with it. Please pray that we may get the building
that we need. Our vision
is still to build the compound. It is a $5,000,000.00
vision that we believe
God can easily handle.

Please keep us in your
prayers and if you are so led you may
help fund our mission by going to:

Because of the lateness the
quality of this email has been compromised but I assure you that the
integrity remains. God Bless you all!

Pastor Jack & Malou Wilson


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