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June 2010

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July 4th, 2010
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This July 19th we celebrate the end of four wonderful years
of serving here in Payatas. It is by the will of the people (and
especially God) that we continue to serve. Will you vote for another
four years? Vote here: donate-icon 3

June has been a good
month here in Payatas.

School Starts in June here in the Philippines.

We received ,
through caring supporters, the school books my daughter Laura required
to enter the fifth grade. I can’t
empasize enough that when you support this mission you support all that
happens here including my daughter’s education. Thank You.

Not only that but…

My wife came to me
saying that the poor kids needed school supplies. I said I was sorry but
I have no money and I will not ask for money again from the supporters. I said, “Don’t worry, God knows this too.”
Well, I got an email from a supporter who said she was feeling
uncomfortable all month and asked God what she had done wrong. She felt
God respond and tell her that she forgot the kids in Payatas. so she
sent us 300 sgd so that the children could get the required supplies.

Speaking of School we have our very own and first:


One of our members, Mark
Valenzuela, has shown an interest in further studies in the Bible. The
Asia Bible Baptist College allows each Church to enroll one student
without charge for tuition. There are
still charges for uniform, books, etc… but the Church has picked up
most of them. Just for Mark to go to school it costs 360 pesos in
travelling money. He is a good student and already we have heard good
reports on him. Please pray for Mark to maintain a good average at

Continuing in education…
My wife, Malou, has begun a class for the
children that still cannot read and because of lack of money, many times
the parents never signed them up for school. The children are learning
to read because of her dedication. She has about twenty students every
Saturday. Please pray that the vision of Payatas can be realized and we
could open a school for these children.

Payatas Baptist Church has its First Deacon!

Joel Austria, a devoted Christian as described in Timothy and Titus,
was ordained to the ministry last week. This
came after four years of prayer seeking someone that I truly believed
that God has called for His purpose.

Deacon Joel is a faithful servant who is always
there to help in whatever way he can.


We don’t always
remember to say but we have been doing much in the way of Baptism and
last week we baptized one of our youths, “PeeJay”. It is such a blessing
as they ask to be baptized and upon evaluation that they do indeed have
an accurate belief and are Baptized.



It has been
remarkable to watch God work. As most of you know we had to vacate the
last house we occupied more than 3&1/2 years. That house was fully
furnished and so, we basically moved nothing into an empty house.
Immediately God began to supply more things than we could ever afford.
Screens for the windows, a refrigerator, kitchen cabinets, a closet
under the stairs, we had beds made for us and the kids. All this within
two months. One of our dearest friends has been trying to make
collections so we could get sheets and towels and pots and pans. She
already sent one box out and another will soon be on the way. When God
says “I will not leave or forsake you ” He’s not kidding! Thanks to all
who have lovingly sent us much needed supplies.


Not all news is good. The doctor who convinced me
to open the medical clinic and who told me he would be there with me all
the way has now decided he has been “called” somewhere else. So, that
leaves us with a problem. No doctor, no clinic. I have spoken to one
doctor who said she would be able to give us some time but I have no
idea as of yet, how much. One thing of which I am convinced is that from
the beginning this was God’s work and as He is really in charge of the
operation, He will decide who he will send and when. As much as I love
the clinic and the way it ministers to the Payatas people, I still must
understand that it exists purely by the hand of God. Please pray that
God’s will will be done in this place.

I hope you are still praying with us for a
larger place and I would also ask you to please pray for our sending
Church: Bethel Baptist in Harbor City, Ca Pastor Rudy Abrot that they
will get all that they need to finish their Church building. To see
photos of their construction click HERE.



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