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July 2011

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Hpbcemailheader 2Be careful what you ask for– You just might get it!

I have been hoping to get some time off and to bring my wife
and children to New York. the thought was that my children would get to
see their grandpa and Malou would see her father in law for the very
first time however, that was not meant to be.

I had $9.85 in the Checking account when I got the call. My
Pop was in the hospital. He had fallen down the stairs at home and hit
his head. He had brain trauma and bleeding and they could not release
the pressure because he was on blood thinners and it would have
exacerbated the condition. The situation was related to me as very
possibly fatal and it would be determined by the weekend if all life
support should be stopped.

I however believed that if he was leaving this world he had
to have God’s approval. Although God did not tell me He was healing my
father, he also did not say He was taking him and that was good enough
for me.

I immediately went on line to my friends and those of this
ministry. Within a couple of days the money was raised for travel and a
little for expenses while here.

Just before I left for New York, I got word that my father
woke from his coma (he was still considered in a coma but now on a
different level) they said he helped the nurse to get himself moved up
in the bed and showed two fingers when asked to do so. Everyone was
amazed that it happened. I was overjoyed that I was seeing miracles

Since then he has been progressively getting better. He
still seems not to know us at times and then it comes to him but he is
responding more and more. I will be staying here until August 17. Please
pray now as the focus is on his heart and respiratory system to get
stronger so that he will be able to breathe and speak on his own.

Thank you for your prayers and your help. Please don’t stop.
As much as the money paid to get me here, it will be the prayers that
cause him to improve.


Usually, if I have to miss a
service, I call my Pastor friend and ask if one of his preachers can
fill in for me. This time however, I felt compelled to look within. My
Deacon took over all Wednesday and Sunday evening services and Brother
Benedict took over the Sunday morning services. Now, nothing is done
willy nilly (is that how you spell it?) God is in everything. Just
before I left I spoke to Benedict’s wife that I was going to ask him to
preach. She laughed and said, “Pastor, the other day my husband was
writing and I asked him what he was doing. He said he was preparing a
sermon because Pastor Jack just might ask me to preach.” He did not know
about my leaving. I have been checking in with them and all is going
well like a well oiled machine. I am so glad for their progress and


I met with one of the local
Principals just before I left. She was a very nice woman. She is only
limited by the lack of funding from the Government. They need chairs at
the school as well as other items. We have spoke with others also. We
hope to be able to assist the schools to improving their programs and
getting the financial assistance from the Government that they need.
Some of the teachers were not allowing children into the
school as they were saying they had to pay for “lost books”. After we
let them know that it was illegal to do that and also against the DepEd
rules to charge for I.D.’s and such, they let the children return.
We also had one child who was attacked at school and so we
had her session changed. She did not want to return but we convinced her
to go back and she is happy now.

The Violin and the Flute

A couple of weeks ago, Laura
expressed her desire to learn to play the violin. I tried to talk her
out of it by telling her it was the hardest instrument to learn but she
stood fast. We got her a cheap violin and she took her first lesson. By
the end of the lesson she played, Twinkle twinkle and my wife said you
could actually understand what she was playing. The instructor said she
will be fun to teach because she is a quick study.
Linda, decided that she also wanted to play an instrument.
The flute. I read her the riot act and told her that if we get her one,
she needs to commit to learning. she is excited. Now I have to find a
flute. I am told the closed holes with the wrap around “C” is the best
for beginners. Anyone have a spare flute?
Please pray for my kids and also there are about eight
children at the Church who are learning how to play the guitar from two
of our adults.


Thank’s to those who helped
Laura and Linda to get their school books this year. They have arrived
and the kids are already working with them. I am so proud of these kids
and home schooling has done so much for them. Of course kudos goes to
Malou who has been their teacher all along.

We are committed to
presenting the Gospel of Jesus Christ in every way possible. We do it
with the written word and the spoken word. We do it by feeding those who
have no food and clothing those who have little to wear. We do it by
being the spokespeople of the poor as we speak to injustice with the
utilities or other places. We teach their children and help to get them
to achieve all that they can.
The Bible says :
Jas_2:16  And one of you say unto
them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give
them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it

Pleas continue to pray for our needs.

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