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July 2010

August 1, 2010




What is your reason?
Prior to Malou and I coming here in July of 2006, we had
quite a few people who told us they would be helping to support the
Mission each month.
We were quick to discover that not everyone who says
they will give; do, and others who never utter a sound, just give.
Some people get tired of hearing the same old pleas but
to tell the truth, we hate pleading the cause all the time. We never
signed up as fundraisers and although we realize it is part of the job
description, we would rather spend our time helping the poor of Payatas.
In life there are things we have to do all the time. Pay
Bills, ugh! Brush our teeth, comb our hair, take a shower. These things
are all time consuming yet necessary.
If we stop doing them our house would be repossessed or
we will be ejected from out apartment. Our breath would smell, teeth
fall out, severe body odor, lack of friends…
What happens when people stop supporting those who are trying to help others?
Their rent doesn’t get paid, their food is not able to
be bought, programs are cancelled , hope is lost and the Missionaries
return home in despair.
Many missionaries have done this with much more resources than we have.
This month giving was down over $300.
Even those of you with a good income know when you are $300 short one month.
So I will make this plea.
If you have ever considered supporting this ministry,
please do it now. By pressing the button below you can get the address
where you can send your check or if you like it easy there are boxes you
can click to give monthly support. Some would like to support us but do
not have a lot of money. There is a $5 monthly box to hit. Then, every
month it will go to our account.
There is even a box to give a one time gift.
Please click below and be part of the solution.
We love you and appreciate all of you who have been so faithful to this ministry.
Payatas Baptist Church Welcomes Sister Queenie Iglesia one of the dear supporters of this Mission.
She was able to visit us at the house last Tuesday and brought with her her parents and lovely daughter Michaela.
They came bearing gifts of toys and clothes and medical supplies!
Pray for our building needs
Pray for our Church kids
Pray for our Health Clinic

Link to Payatas Baptist Church                                       

Link to Payatas Baptist HealthCare

100_0157p 3
Here in Payatas we try to help everyone with a strong focus
on the children. We believe that by  teaching them when they are young
it will help them to maintain good work and study habits as well as
becoming moral and model citizens.
Your dollars help us to do all that.
Click on our website below. You will see years of monthly
reports as well as thousands of photos documenting the work here. For
references please email us.

click for our website


What would you see if you came to Payatas?


A guy dressed in a suit driving a new Mercedes?

Nah, but you will see a guy with a “Save Payatas” T shirt driving a motorcycle.

The people here joke about me being the first American missionary they ever met without a car.

Do you know what?
That’s okay. I am proud to be able to say I don’t live in luxury and
have all the creature comforts. I know no one can doubt my motives or my

We do however really
enjoy eating three meals a day and to be able to help others do the
same. So if you come, look for a 57 year old man on a bike and bring a
bag of rice with you.

Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc

PO Box 55233

Riverside, Ca. 92517


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