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January 2012


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January 2012 – “Charge!”

Somewhere I heard, “As the first month of the year goes, there goes the year”

If that is the case we are ready to rumble.


The first month of the year The Maynilad water Company
shut off our water because we refused to pay a commercial rate. We will
be going to a hearing on February first with the MWSS (Government water
regulator) where we will be charging that Maynilad is discriminating
against religion and the poor as well as various bad practices. We have
already spoken with a couple of the engineers who agree and believe we
will win this case.
We hope that they will reinstate the water at residential
rate as well as supplying the poor with water 24 hours per day instead
of only the two hours per day they are getting.

                        OUR LANDLADY WANTS US OUT!

After five years of being outstanding tenants the
landlady decided she wants to put her relatives in the space we are
renting. I should add that there are absolutely no decent buildings in
this area where God has established us. There is vacant land which is
very expensive and we also would need to build so the fight to raise the
funds has begun. We now have 28,460 pesos (less than $600) in our
building fund account. See our webpage on this subject for more

If you want to help,donate something and then go on
Facebook and Twitter and your email list and everything you can and tell
everyone that you contributed to this great cause and suggest they do

                                    Marching On!

We will not let any of this stop us. We still have a
minimum of 50 people door knocking every Saturday. We also have a bunch
going on visitation. Many have made professions of faith. New people
come to church every week. Pray for our new place so we can fit them

We continue to minister to men, women and children as we seek to continue to do God’s will.

               God gives us miracles to show what He can do!
The other day I got an email that I won $250. It was
because I entered our non-profit in a Paypal contest and we won. So as
soon as it was deposited in my paypal account, I deposited it in our
building account. God showed me money can come from any where but it is
always from His hand.

                                      Music News

As long as their is a song in my heart it is pretty good.
Malou has learned so much on the flute as well as Laura on the violin
and Linda on the organ. It is incredible. The three of them played a
song at Church a couple of Sundays ago. Soon I will make a video. Add
all those others learning instruments and we are well on our way.

Malou is now teaching the musicians how to read notes and
Laura is teaching basic violin to one of the kids at the church. We
hope to bring many into a musical world and give their lives some joy
coupled with discipline as they learn.
                                       Our Blog

Please keep up with our blog as we share our thoughts and truth about life as we see it.

                               CLICK HERE!

Our newest Blog – To build or not to build answers many questions about our growth.

God Bless and keep you.
Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura & Linda

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