How NOT to Divorce Your Missionary (A true story)

(Note: I received a reply to this. I would not have made this public but the Pastor threatened me to tell others about it instead of answering my question which he did not believe he needed to do. His response was less than cordial and perhaps that will be a subject for another day.)

A Missionary is someone who has been called by God to go preach the Gospel, usually to a foreign land. It is recognized in the Christian community that the missionary needs financial support to keep them operating.
Paul spoke about this in many places as well as calling out the Corinthians who promised a year before to support him but never did.
It is not necessary to confirm the fact that God uses individuals as well as Churches to support the missionary in his work but how far does that commitment go?
I got this letter the other day from a former supporting Church. I first had to Face Book , email and leave voice mail on their phone until I finally received this response:
“Bro. Wilson,

I received your message concerning support over the last three months. We sent a letter to you (or your missions agency) about our need to discontinue support. We have had to make some unfortunate adjustments to our missions budget. We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding. It has been our privilege to partner with you over these years and we pray God will continue to bless and use your ministry.

(Name left out to save embarrassment to the offending party)

Here was my response:

I never received such a letter. Additionally, The XXXXXXXXX Baptist Church and Pastor XXXXXXXXX made a commitment to support us. In the eyes of God, it resembles a marriage commitment. Could you imagine a man sending his wife and children a letter saying I am not going to support you any longer, be warm and fed?

XXXXX Baptist has a huge amount of missionaries that they support and I am sure that you have not cut them all off. How did you make your determination to cut us off?

We started this ministry with $550 per month to support our home, our family of four and to build a Church and outreach. It slowly grew to where it is today at $1200 or should I now say $1100 per month. Does one of your more than 100 missionaries work on such a budget?

I have a 21 year old car that I have to repair at least something on it, once a week. We cannot even afford to walk into a McDonalds.

Yet with all that we have brought the gospel to thousands of people. Every adult in our Church is well versed in the presentation of the Gospel and even most of the children. When you go door knocking with the Church, do you see your children squatting in the road, presenting the Gospel to others? How many Churches can claim that?

We are in the poorest of the poor areas of the Philippines where the Infamous Payatas dumpsite lies. Hundreds were killed there when the landslide rolled over their makeshift houses some years ago. That is the life for these people.

We show them Jesus by teaching them academics. Some of these children are in classrooms with 80 other children. Our children excel in their studies. We also teach English so they have at least a future working in a call center instead of digging in the garbage. We do not just tell them, “God bless you, be warm and fed”.

I could go on and on but if you had looked at our websites or went to our photo website with over 20,000 photos or went to our “Updates” on our Church site where we have documentation of every month we have been here since 2006 to the present, you would have already known that our mission has done the job you have asked us to do. That’s right, when you said you supported us you actually took us on as your missionaries. We sent you a letter once every three months but even more so, we sent a monthly report by email. How many do that?

So, I really need to know. How did you make your decision to cut us? You could have reduced everyone by three quarters or even one half. Why would you cut your poorest people off?

I might add this. If there is a problem now with attendance it is not because you are a bad preacher. I heard one of your sermons. It was pretty good. Ironically it was about what a good Church was and in it you described ours to a “t”. The problem lies in the connection between man and God. Only you know what will repair that.

We will survive. The only reason I am writing you this letter is to show you that how you make decisions are cruel and unjust.
They affect people. They affect the missionaries and the people they serve. Did you know that the food my children eat comes from our supporters? Your decision is without care or concern and I really do want a reply to find out how you made your decision.

BTW, I know missionaries don’t usually tell others what they think. I do. I believe if Paul was here, he would tell you a lot more.

Love God and your Church and let God build it. He Will.

Needless to say, as of this posting, I have received no response from the Pastor.
Now, I could understand if there is a financial problem but the question still exists, “How was the decision made?”

There are “famous missionaries” who have tons of support and if I checked, I could almost guarantee that they were not cut. So, someone determined we were not relevant and just cut us.
Let’s look at his meager response once more:
“I received your message concerning support over the last three months. We sent a letter to you (or your missions agency) about our need to discontinue support.”
They sent me a letter. He is not even sure where he sent it. It shows that he has no idea who we are or has any concern for us. It sounds like a Dear John letter.

“We have had to make some unfortunate adjustments to our missions budget.”
This is what our mission was deduced to. We are now the result of an unfortunate “adjustment”. It sounds like chiropractic gone seriously awry.

“ We apologize for this inconvenience and we appreciate your understanding. “
I always hated this insincere, canned statement, “We apologize for this inconvenience”
When my internet has been down for three weeks I hear that from the Company. That is not inconvenience. I paid for a service I did not receive. That is robbery.
In the case of the church which promised to support us and our budget depends on that support, the inconvenience may mean less food for the kids or some other “inconvenient” factor. Remember, when your budget is $1,200 per month and it is cut to $1,100 something terrible has to give.
“We appreciate your understanding”
Understanding of what? We are confused, hurt, disappointed and perhaps a little jaded but we are not understanding.
You never told us why you cut us. With probably over 150 missionaries, why us? Was it because we had the least money and were the least relevant? Tell me again what you have told us that we might understand? Did you call and ask for our opinions or prayers? Did you ask us how it would affect us?
Does this for a moment seem like a Christian organization dealing fairly with another one?
It has been our privilege to partner with you over these years and we pray God will continue to bless and use your ministry.
Then we get the old, “Be warm and Fed”.
It could not be clearer. We were just divorced. No reason given. The Church will suffer and that will be it.
I only pray that the way they treat others will be the way they are treated.
Finally , the last word sums it up.

I do believe this Church does not have a chance to survive if this word is really how they feel. They are “Sincerely determined to divorce a poor church with many children”.

If you are able to help with any amount of money please click the link, read over the page and give. It could be a one-time gift at the bottom of the page or a monthly automatically deposited support starting as low as $5 per month.
Thanks for your consideration.

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World Vision – Another of the Devil’s Org.’s waiting in line to destroy Christianity

President Richard Stearns made the announcement that World Vision, the organization that is listed in Forbes as one of the top 10, will no longer discriminate against homosexuals who are “married” that claim to be Christian.
His announcement: “Changing the employee conduct policy to allow someone in a same-sex marriage who is a professed believer in Jesus Christ to work for us makes our policy more consistent with our practice on other divisive issues.” Other divisive issues? Perhaps like “born again bank robbers” Or The “Christian spousal cheaters club”?
This was an announcement that must have given many a leftist organization a shiver up their pant leg.
Whether it did or not it was the result Richie was looking for when he made it. Oh the greed of some people. Perhaps he said to himself, “We are taking everyone in for $1 Billion a year but wait until all the left gives to us also!
Of course when his plan backfired he quickly put on the Jimmy Swaggart tears and cried out. I’m sorry!
He’s sorry because now he just might lose his job unless he can somehow convince so many gullible Christians that he truly is a herald of the word of God and it was just a moments loss of reasoning instead of a long planned, drawn out, detailed attempt to subvert the Organization.
I can’t see a comeback but as the saying goes, “There is a sucker born every minute”. The entire board should be fired as they heard and probably had to vote on this demonic plan. Short of removal of the current board and putting some high profile guy like James Dobson at the helm, I see it as doomed.
Did you know that Stearns made $379,861 last year. You might say well, that’s not a lot for someone in his position. However when you are taking the hard earned money of Christians who intend to help the poor, supplying a luxury home or vehicle for the President is not on their mind. Additionally, these salaries are offset by tons of perks so that you never really get the feel for what he makes and many are geared as a proportionate percentage of the income.
I am not saying it is wrong to support large organizations but when I think of how our Organization has to beg for every dime, as we live humbly, drive a 21 year old home made vehicle that we have to repair once a week. That we need to beg every year when it’s time for our own children to get their books for school. That we cram a hundred odd bunch of people in a tiny rented building. I can go on. Perhaps some is jealousy for sure. We dream of a $5 Million dollar complex which would support a school from K-h4 and a large Church and an outdoor covered court for outdoor evangelism on a weekly basis. To have a medical clinic in a place that if you have a heart attack you will die because there is not enough time to get you to a facility and perhaps not enough money to pay them to save you.
Take a look at our Organizations. First there is Payatas Mission Outreach which is based in Riverside , California. It’s purpose is to raise and transfer funding to Payatas. Payatas is in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. It is the place where many died in a landfill landslide some years ago. It is a place where the littlest, cutest children roam the streets with a sack over their shoulder looking for garbage which can be sold for rice.
Come look at the photos: There were over 20,000 at last count
These photos document our work, this place, the achievements…
Come look at our diary: We call them “Updates”
It is here you have a literal diary of all that has happened since we got off the plane in Manila on July 21, 2006
Come look at PMO (Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc) Our parent organization:
Come look at our Mission Church, Payatas Quezon City Baptist Church And Ministries, Inc. (PBC)
Read about our need for a compound:
Go to and click all the links
The truth is, there is so much written about us so you can see exactly who we are.
Stop throwing money away to people who do not have God’s interest or yours in mind.

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Why is the Philippines a Third World Nation?

I’m just guessing as technically, I don’t know all that goes on behind the scenes but let’s give it a shot.

Utilities: We have Meralco the Electric supplier with its monopolistic grip on the Country. Just recently a new owner came in and said he wanted to raise all the prices. The Supreme Court said no, which by the way was a pleasant surprise. So Meralco said they will have many brown outs if it is not permitted to screw er cheat er raise the prices.

I have been waiting about two weeks now for them to change a light bulb in a street lamp. I call, get hung up on. Call again and the supervisor promises to call me back but never does. In two weeks I have been hung up on about a half of a dozen times and had four supervisors tell me they would check into it and call me back which they never did. One supervisor told me it was already changed. I told him I was looking out the window and could not see the street so his report was erroneous.

Meralco has blackouts galore and 1-2 second shutdowns as many as five per day at different intervals.

Maynilad: Our water supplier. We have water when and if they decide to supply it. Having a Church with maybe eighty people running around gives us a dire need to be able to flush a toilet. Their answer: Their responsibility is not to supply water. They only charge us when we receive it so if our service is interrupted, they don’t charge us. Have you ever heard of anything like that? The Government (which is supposed to be representative of the people) gives the Water Company the right to distribute water to the people and the Water Company distributes at its own convenience. They told us we had to pay a commercial rate because we were a house of worship. They did not say because we use more water than a normal residential residence (which we don’t) They did not say because we require special piping, valves, pumps or the like. (Because we don’t) They said because we worship God. Can you imagine someone saying that in the States? Lawsuit time!

Then we have the Telephone suppliers. As I write this I have no internet or telephone service once again. It is another Company that sends a bill every month and does not send enough service to go with the bill. Every time I turn around we don’t have service or the phone is very static. Then there is the time when it is just so slow. I mean you click a link, make a cup of coffee and then drink it as the page comes up. I am speaking of Bayantel but at home, Globe does the same thing. I have an outstanding complaint with Globe for over three months now.

That was the Utilities. How about police? The Jeepney rides along and comes to the main street to where a police officer is standing. You can hear the police asking for papers, and then you see the driver giving him money which he immediately slips into his pocket and waves the driver on.

Anywhere you go, a bribe is considered part of your operating expenses. I will never ever pay a bribe or contribute to the delinquency of this society.

How about the Government? I have asked Congressmen and councilmen to intervene with some of these problems but they ignore you. I have sent letters by hand to the palace only to be rejected by the guards. The President, of whom we all had high hopes, doesn’t even get our messages and quite frankly, I do not believe he has any idea where Payatas is.

You can not buy a chicken breast at McDonalds or any other place because the chickens here are sold so fast they don’t have time to develop breasts. Meat is atrocious. Chopped “sirloin” for hamburgers have 50% fat and a gallon of water added for weight. Supermarkets sell old meat. Many Filipinos have stomachs that can take the bacteria but many can not.

They say products are cheaper here. It’s true. You can buy a screwdriver for a few pesos. It won’t last you a day but they have them. If you did want to buy quality, you can find it but the prices are much higher than they are in the U.S.

Pollution is the worst that I have ever witnessed. If you come to Payatas in the wee hours of the morning, it will look like a city aflame. There are fires everywhere. The people have collected wire and are burning the insulation off to sell it for scrap. Sometime the wire is freshly stolen so when we arrive at the Church we do not have telephone service for want of wire.

Cars, Jeepney, truck, buses, and motorcycles all belch out black smoke and it seems that no one cares.

Babies walk around half naked (sometimes completely) walking in the streets as if no one is there to raise them. Older children carry bags to collect garbage to recycle. Many do not go to school so they can help their families.

The Philippines has a college in Laguna that grows many varieties of rice and is supposedly the foremost leader in the knowledge of growing rice. However less than 30% of rice is grown here. Why? Perhaps the kick backs are greater coming from other Countries.

I could go on and on but I am getting extremely tired. One thing I know is there is hope here at the Payatas Baptist Church and Payatas Mission Outreach. Our work is showing. We are putting out scholars and Musicians as well as good Godly citizens. If only we had more we could do more.
Take a look at our websites on the side of this blog. See if perhaps you might be part of changing this wretched place. We are praying that one day we will have changed this place by God’s hand into a City of God.

I don’t like to complain unless I can be part of the solution. I came to the Philippines to help. If you can’t come, please click the link and give.

Help Save The Payatas Kids

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The Payatas Baptist Church

I love this Church. I really do. I refer to it as my Church, not because I am the Pastor but because I belong to it. Everyone here also claims it cheerfully as their Church. The happy truth about it is that it is really God’s Church and together we are all
I read blogs and on Face Book about people who say the Church of God is in trouble. They say people are not attending as much as years gone by. They complain about the Pastor and about rules and in general, they complain about everything.
I also have seen some people how they spoil their children by giving in to their every demand. The kids pout and cry if their way is delayed. That is what I call a dysfunctional family and I am glad it does not represent my house or my
What Makes for a Good Church?
Just as in a family where there is a Father and a Mother who watch over their children, the Church is the same way.
We have one father, God, our shepherd and the Pastor, the under shepherd. Then we have ministry leaders, teachers and adults. Then we have teens and the young ones. It’s a system like Jethro, Moses’ father in law, shared with him. My great grandparents had sixteen children and it was a progression of leadership. The parents did not need to attend to every detail as each child was responsible for the next one down.
First, We have Rules.
I have heard so many complaints from others writing about their Churches against the rules. They point out that young people do not like them and they stop coming to Church.

Wow, children who want things their own way. Who ever heard of that?
Children want rules. They want to know that you will enforce the rules. They will test the rules and in the end, they will enjoy the rules.
Rules show the kids that you care for them. Only strict rules work because if they do not see you being consistent, they will not respect your leadership.
It Works!
It works here. We have rules to come to Church when the doors are open, to not come late, to not speak when the Pastor is preaching or the teachers are speaking. We have rules about proper speech and being neat and respectful. We have rules about reading their Bible and practicing their instrument (if they are involved in music) or singing in the choir or going down to the basketball court to play basketball.
We have loads of good rules. These are rules that are needed for us to all coexist.
Anyone who has played some kind of a sport has experienced rules. In the sport, if the rules are not obeyed, the offender sits on the bench. It’s the same way here. By the way, no one likes to sit on the bench so they usually come around and join our society. If someone really can’t obey the rules, it’s too bad but we send them on their way. Wide is the way the Bible says and we do not cater to those who will not abide.
There is always going to be someone who cannot abide and does not have the discipline to be a functioning Christian. We do our best to bring them around but if not, we have to let them go.
We have pretty much the same rules for adults as for the children and we have a happy Church.
At any given time you can do a surprise visit to our Church and if everyone does not look happy something would be seriously
Before the service starts we always have a group of kids who are singing songs or playing their guitars. Sometimes you will think the service has already started by their enthusiasm. Well, I guess it has started, wherever three or more are gathered…
The Church that Prays Together, Stays Together.
When I first started this Church, we had forty minutes of Bible study on a Wednesday night and then we had prayer. Come Sunday night I did the same thing. Someone said afterwards, “Pastor, do you realize we had prayer on Wednesday and you did it again tonight”. I said, “no I didn’t but it seems to be a good idea”. The more we pray the closer to God and so we have had Bible and prayer twice a week for seven years
We do things together as a Family
We have Christian summer camp one week each year. We have Vacation Bible School for one hundred kids, we have Christmas Celebration and caroling. We have the Church Picnic. We go into the community every Saturday to bring the word of God to the Payatas.
We even hope and dream together as we pray for the vision of the PBC Compound where we will have a huge sanctuary and an outdoor covered area to evangelize thousands. We look forward to an auditorium where we can fit all of our musicians at one time and classes that will keep the sound of noisy vehicles and barking dogs away when we study and pray.
The Shepherd Knows His Sheep
I could start a meeting and immediately stop and say, “Where is so and so”?post
I know when a lamb is missing and they know that there are not too many good excuses for missing Church so if they are not there, I become concerned. “Have you seen them? Texted Them? Have they texted you”? If your Pastor isn’t worried when you don’t show up, change Churches!
That’s pretty much it. Having love for each other is essential. You should be able to forgive, to help each other climb the ladder and just be the person that God wants you to be.
Finally, There is no such Thing as a Super Pastor
Our Church is great but it is not because of me or anyone else. It is because when God speaks we listen. We have learned (mostly) to obey and to hear His voice.
I have heard people saying how we need to use the Hebrew and Greek and the KJV is not sufficient. I have had invitations to join Pastoral workshops on how to make a bigger or richer or better Church. I can not believe there are still people who think they have all the answers but most of them are not Pastors or have collapsing
At PBC , God gives the commands and I pass them on and together we are blessed as we obey Him.
The bottom line is that it is working and working well. We are overflowing our Church with people, peace and joy and spreading the word to all that we can. Isn’t that the kind of Church we all should have?

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There’s a new Sherrif in Town!

999105_197409283777219_773545559_nI was pleasantly surprised after the election of the new Baranguay Captain. Within weeks of his taking office, there were lines painted on the roads to designate lanes. There were also traffic enforcers posted at busy intersections.

After seeing these things I actually got hope for this forsaken place of garbage.

The street sweepers are out doing their jobs and I don’t know for sure but I am supposing that this man has planned many things for this community.

Finally there has been appointed a person who cares about the people. If he does continue in this way he can easily become the most noted barangay Captain ever.

When I first came here I felt the need to pray for this place. The leaders were corrupt and were no assistance in helping the community to thrive. I have encouraged my Church to pray daily for the barangay Captain and all who have a hand in the politics of this place!

This man may just be that answer to prayer.

Mr Barangay Captain Manny Guarin, welcome. We wish you well. We want you to know we are praying for you.

Click here to go to his FaceBook page and thank him for a good job!

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Friends in the Business

It’s always good to have friends in the business.
What business? Well my father’s business of course.
Jesus said, I must be about my Father’s business.
Churches are no different than other businesses except that ours is a spiritual one. Hopefully we are not corrupt and our product is saved souls and improved lives.
Churches, unlike other businesses, tend to share their resources with each other. We visit each other and partake in Anniversaries, Mission conferences, Youth outings and the sort.
Today, thanks to Pastor Allan at Community Bible Baptist Church in San Isidro, our church was able to receive some instruction in singing.
A renowned singer, Beverlyn, and a member of Community Bible Baptist Church in Quezon City, volunteered her time to help the kids.
This is their site:

God always supplies our needs as well as our wants as we rely on Him.
So much can be accomplished as we support one another.
Stop by and see our Photos: Here

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The Folly of Philippine Elections

I would first like you to know I am writing about the Philippines because I am experiencing it firsthand.
That’s not to say the U.S. is better, just different in how it lies and corrupts civilization.
Anyway, we had a good day spreading the Gospel and teaching the children at the Church and so my two young daughters and I took a nap. We were no sooner starting to doze off than I heard the familiar cacophonous noise coming from giant speakers in a truck. These were people “campaigning” for their candidate.
They have many methods to get their message across but it seems their favorite way is to blast music with some kind of jingle about 150 decibels throughout the neighborhood. It seems if they can get their jingle with their name, drummed into the ears of the people, than the people will remember their name at the polls.
They have hundreds of followers whom I am told that they give something to ride in open back trucks , motorcycles and whatever else they can get to roll down the street.
As I said, I was trying to fall asleep when they started their loud subliminal message but they actually stopped, the entire caravan, with the noise truck just outside my window.
I admit I lost it. I went downstairs and I yelled that they had no respect and after that they did cut the noise down. I preached to the people that this was Payatas and in the last thirty years no one had done anything for the people that had a political title. I said it was lie after lie year after year. I told them I have done more for Payatas then anyone of those screaming, chanting Zombies. I yelled, “These are MY People”.
I then walked away feeling good that I said my piece but also a bit shaken that I screamed at a couple of hundred people without getting killed.
Some of the volunteers actually said they were sorry. I don’t want take anything from the volunteers because they probably really believe the guy they are yelling for is some kind of Savior.
People do what they are accustomed to but I am shocked that people would vote for such an obvious scam. How could they vote for someone who blasts idiotic jingles not caring if people are napping, or sick, or have babies but just blasting away , trying to dent the minds of those poor people who have never seen a good thing come from a politician.
Once, a couple of years ago, I was walking through Payatas with a large group of Church members. I was stopped by a lady who introduced herself and asked if I would get my people to vote for her. I asked why they would vote for her. She said because she was running for council woman. I said but I never saw you before today. She replied that she only started running recently. I laughed.
I said to her, if you want to be a council woman, you need to do what I do. Walk through Payatas and speak to the people. Find out how they are hurting and then try to help them. Teach their children academics. Perhaps teach them music. Feed them and give them a Christmas. Send them to camp and then when election time comes they will ask you to run for them.
This is foreign to both politicians and voters and that’s why things will never change because of them.
With Jesus Christ however, things change for the better all the time. We keep preaching Jesus and whosoever responds finds the peace and joy that only He can give.

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How to build a Church

How to Build a Church

Yesterday, the Church surprised me by celebrating Pastor’s appreciation day. I have never felt so appreciated.
There were tearful testimonies from the adults as well as a little five year old and a visiting couple who upon seeing the services that morning decided, this was the Church for them stating it was a big family.
As I reflect upon all that undeserved praise that was heaped on me, I remember the verse:

Mat 16:18 And I say also unto thee, That thou art Peter, and upon this rock I will build my church; and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
So I realize that if our Church is doing great there is only one reason and that is, Jesus, is building it.

I read from time to time, articles about Pastors in turmoil and Churches doing poorly and I try to figure out what their problem could be. It seems quite obvious that if they are in disarray and are depressed and confused, etc… Jesus is not building the Church. They are.

That might sound over simplistic but I believe it’s Biblical.

Last night as usual, we closed Sunday evening service with congregational prayer. First we go through the people asking whoever has a thought, a prayer or a question, to speak. I am the last one to speak and so I thanked everyone for their praises and love for me during the day and then I said to them, …” But I want you to know, I don’t have a clue as to how to run a Church.” I leave it up to God.

Now I guess you might say that also is over simplistic yet I have looked to God on every single decision. I have always given Him the glory and we all have learned not to worry because when we worry, it’s like telling God we don’t trust Him. I study the word but when I teach the bible study (we simply go through the entire Bible and then repeat) I never prepare. I stand and read word by word and we go over it. God gives me the words to say and so many times I was thrilled as I learned something right there as I was teaching.

This is not rocket science because if it were, I couldn’t have done it.
Sure the devil comes to get us and tries to knock us down but he can’t.
The Bible says: Eph 6:13 Wherefore take unto you the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand.

Pray, ask God’s protection, make the decision and stand. The wind will blow, the storm will come and then it will subside and the sun will come out again.

God has given us people with gifts and abilities to do the task on hand. He has given us Bookkeepers, computer repair, musicians, even cleaning people and of course, the Pastor.
The Pastor is in charge of teaching , preaching and shepherding the flock so they go right.

So let God guide you. Don’t be afraid to discipline. Be less afraid to love and God will build His Church.

How to build a Church? Let God do it!

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The PBC Shirt

You might wonder, why does the Payatas Baptist Church have a uniform shirt?

I got the idea (as all my ideas) as a inspiration by God.

The PBC shirt does so much for those who wear it.paste

#1- It shows that we belong- anywhere we go, the PBC shirt is recognized by other members of the community

#2 – It advertises the Church – It has a insignia on the front with the PBC logo

#3 – It advertises the need – On the back of every shirt it has SAVEPAYATAS.COM which is a web site showing the need here in Payatas.

#4 – It shows solidarity – New people coming to the Church anxiously await their very own PBC Shirt

#5 – It removes class distinctions – Sometimes children in their pursuit of “being cool” seek to wear something “better” than someone else. When we wear our shirts, we are all equal.

Shirts are worn every Saturday for door knocking and anytime we make an appearance such as playing our musical instruments in another Church or arriving at camp…

When we wear our shirts we are a team. We are the local church. We belong to the congregation of Saints. To the unbelievers, we have integrity, we are there to uplift the community and to many, it creates a desire also to belong.

There are no ranks in our team. The Pastor as well as the youngest member wear the same exact shirt (except for the size of course)

What sets you apart from those in your community? Do people associate you with Jesus Christ? I used to say that I would not have a Christian bumper sticker on my car because of the way I drive. Now I want the sign that says I belong to Christ to be an example to all.

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How to share The Gospel of Jesus Christ in the poorest area of a Third World Country

pasteSharing Jesus to the poor can be extremely difficult.

Here in Payatas you have men , women and children scavenging for recyclables whether it is in the actual dump site or up and down the garbage strewn streets of Payatas.

Of course in any promotion of the Gospel it is ultimately the Holy Spirit who will break down the heart and turn a unbelieving, hopeless individual into a new creature.

2Co 5:17 Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

Yet our God uses His children to bring the Gospel in many different ways.

Poor people need reality. Their first reality is food.

Jas 2:15 If a brother or sister be naked, and destitute of daily food,
Jas 2:16 And one of you say unto them, Depart in peace, be ye warmed and filled; notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit?paste

When you help them with their physical needs they know you care.

We are not speaking of a program to sustain people by feeding them daily for the rest of their lives.

We are rather giving them the energy as well as the key to self-sufficiency that will allow them to make their own way.

There are some people who have been taught from birth to be dependent. They put their hand out and take what you offer and then they move on to the next person offering something.
We realize we can not help everyone and not everyone will come to repentance so with those people, we move on.

When a person believes they are capable, their ability to produce increases and as it increases so does their hope and so on as they grow in strength and ability.

It’s sometimes a rags to riches story but they must be enabled.

Here at PBC we mainly work with the children.

When we started, we had to wash the hands, arms, feet and legs of the many children that would come. They would arrive from scouring the land for recyclables to help their families.

After a while, they started coming washed and with clean clothes.

They learned respectability. They learned to have a nice appearance. Before they were just garbage pickers. Now, they have become people, deserving of looking good and feeling good.
It became important to be presentable.

Once inside we teach them about Jesus and how the bible says that we can do all things through Him.

We also tutor them in their general studies so now when they go to school, they are above the other children. Once that happens, they see that with hard work and serving God they can excel in anything and their confidence increases even more..

While other children in the area have high hopes of perhaps driving a garbage truck one day, our kids are looking forward to becoming police officers and stewardesses, nurses and doctors and anything else they can believe.

Our musicians

We keep growing our orchestra

We integrated a music ministry because music builds confidence and causes a person to become disciplined.
Our children have taken up guitar, flute, recorder, Ukelele, harmonica, keyboard, clarinet and violin.

This is how it works. I f a child wants to take the violin for example, we send them to our Notes teacher. There they will first learn how to read music. Once they are capable of reading music they are sent to the instructor for violins where they will be taught how to put what they read to sound. After they are able to play two songs, we know that they are sincere and dedicated enough to persevere, than we buy them an instrument.

They are told to practice one hour per day. They get better and better as time goes on. Last Christmas, a group of them made a Christmas CD at a real recording studio!

We are a family here at PBC. It is as a large mentoring program as the old students teach the new students and all grow together.

We focused on the children because their hope was not completely vanquished. They still could believe

that they could become someone. When they started doing well in school and started to play wonderful music it was confirmation that obeying God was going to bring them literally and spiritually, to the promised land.

Some of the kids we started with have entered college this year and after four years we will see the results of the investment made in them.

Our goal, is to have God fearing young men and woman who will have good jobs and good housing with good food and will share what they have as we continue the process.

It is a multi level marketing system. We have around 70 now and in time it will turn into thousands as we teach each one to do the same to others.

Each adult in our church teaches something as well.

It is a giant mentoring program that works.

None of this works unless Jesus Christ is our main focus. We give Him all the honor and glory and praise.

Every idea, every bit of support and every accomplishment could not have happened without Him.

Sunday is our day of worship and celebration.
Smiles light up the room. Songs give pleasure to the soul and our worship wafts up to our Lord.

This is our formula here in Payatas but it was given to us by God. It has never been our own ideas but inspiration by the Holy Spirit.

How you will reach those in your neck of the woods will depend on your relationship to God and your ability to give Him all the praise , honor and Glory!

The recipe is obedience to God and to do as He leads.

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