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January 2007

A Blessed New Year to you all. It has started out very well for us here in Payatas.

Christmas for us at home was without fanfare. No tree, no presents, and as I told someone, I think we had tuna sandwiches for our dinner. It wasn’t such a bad deal as I happen to love tuna. Btw, thanks to those of you who sent the chicken of the sea. I should be set for two months!

Christmas at the Church was wonderful. We went Caroling and brought the message of Christ to our neighbors with song. They also gave us donations so that by the end of the night, we had enough to buy food and small toys for the Church family’s Christmas Party.

I am attaching pics of the party. We had such a wonderful time. This Church is such a happy place to be. The Holy Spirit is in this place for sure.

In December we had seven professions of faith and already in January we have 15! Praise God. Not all those who are saved are near our Church. We find them on Jeepney’s , while walking down the street, Malou led a lady to the Lord as she waited for me at the internet caf�. The fields are truly white unto harvest. Pray that God continues to reap souls in this place.

(As I delay sending this we added 8 more young men to the Kingdom all who got saved this past Wednesday, Praise God!

Our Church decorating has come a long way. My friend, Barry Doolittle, (he is the one that has taken care of our websites and donated the space for them as well as the domains), donated a carpenter and the materials and he built us a wall that will protect the kids from falling down the stairs. He built a closet in the Children’s room and repaired the wall and installed a door to my office. He built a closet and a bookcase and now he is about to build a desk and a pulpit!

The young man (Mike) that got saved last month when the Gallardo’s were pulling up to visit has already painted a giant Noah’s Ark mural on one wall and is finishing up, the garden of Eden on another. He will do the entire Children’s room. We will include pics with the email and hopefully, eventually, be able to put them on the site.

Another Lady, (Amalia) made us floor mats for all the doors and bathroom, Susan gave us a clock, (I think she thought I preach too long) J

We received two Balikbayan boxes from our Church with many blessings inside and we received 6 Balikbayan boxes from Sister Tessie in Daly, Ca. She has a children’s Christian club and they collected toys, food, and clothes that we were able to distribute in Payatas last Saturday. It was wonderful to see how happy these blessings made the people.

Our door knockers have been very faithful and last Sunday (Friends and family day) we had a record 125 people in Church. God is so good. They overfilled the building and were standing outside the windows to hear the message. Please continue to pray for God to build the Payatas compound which is our vision.

As far as needs go, we still have them. All the money we get except for the barest of necessities goes to the Church. Many times we have to borrow money until a check hits the bank. So please pray that we get more supporters. For those of you who are already supporting us, all the people being saved here are the product of your generosity. We pray God’s special blessing on you for all that you do.

Our needs: floor coverings and furnishings, a baptistery tank, communion table, communion set, MORE CHAIRS! 125 people and 26 chairs! It wasn’t easy J  We need a video & sound system so that we can project the service out into the road that the people that overflow the Church can also see and hear the service. A used piano. (Malou is progressing nicely in her training.)

We want to construct a “dirty Kitchen” (not really dirty-the Filipinos will understand this) We need a refrigerator, stove and worktable. We will also need to construct a gate and corrugated roof to enclose the area.
Total cost for kitchen about 20,000 pesos = $400

Our mission site: WWW.PayatasMissionOutreach.Org has been down for a while but will be up shortly. You can see the same site by typing .net or, .com. Also, you can see these updates and (soon hopefully) all the pics at our Church site: or .com or .net. Any of the three will work.

Btw, our cell phone was stolen so now we have a new number: (63) 919-296-5399.

God’s peace, Joy and abundant blessings be on you all.

Pastor Jack

Payatas Baptist Church
Pastor Jack Wilson

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