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Finding Faith


The term Christian started after Christ in Antioch when those who knew not Jesus made fun of those who did by calling them Christian.

Actually it was more than that. Those who knew Him were imitating Him.

It would be as if someone imitated Elvis Presley and people called him a Presleyan.

Sounds like a cross between a Weslyan and a Presbyterian but you know what I mean.

Sometimes I question my own ability to follow Christ in a imitative way. I think that I should watch my thoughts and jokes and perhaps the books or TV that I watch. I should be more thoughtful towards others.

That should be the normal way that a Christian thinks by the way.

Look at it this way, You are driving down the road in your car. You can constantly monitor all the mirrors and as you approach side streets or see children playing you might exert some caution or, you can sit back with your head on the rest, crank up the music and throw caution to the wind.

The two differences are pretty much Christianity today.

We can pretty much keep ourselves in a constant state of check or we can just float aimlessly the way life would let us float.

Which sounds the way Jesus would have us do?

Now, if you are not a Christian, none of this concerns you unless you would like to be moral for morality sake and although it is not as good as being a saved, born again Christian, it sure makes it more pleasant to live with you.

However, it is not expected of you. Yet on the other hand it is expected of Christians.

The problem comes when Christians have put their head against the rest and are now careening down the road at a high rate of speed oblivious to what may be ahead of them.

I experienced this today. I have experienced it before but it always shakes me up when I think the person is a “practicing” Christian and it turns out they are not.
I use the term “practicing” because hey, let’s face it, we all are practicing. We would on occasion however, like to hit a high note once in a while.

So like I said, I experienced this today on Face book. A guy I know mentioned that one of his relatives blocked him because his friends used bad language. All they had to do was to block the people that were using the bad language but perhaps they didn’t know that. On the other hand as I started to investigate I saw that no one even suggested that bad language was not proper to use on Face Book. Some were even down right derogatory and used curses or initials of curses to express themselves. The guy, (I thought I knew) never suggested that they (the offended ones) were wrong and tended to stick up for this group of “friends” that he had.

I thought, let’s look further. So I looked into their profiles. All which indicated no allegiance with the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.
Then I looked at this guys profile and saw photos of them all kicking back throwing down shots and beers. I saw them dressed up celebrating the Devils day. (For those who don’t know—Halloween)

It was then that I knew I had to interject something into this conversation gone wrong. I tried to do it easy but I am afraid when others see that you are questioning their activity, they tend to get indignant. I merely said that I understood his relative not wanting to see those words and also that it is not a proper venue as there are children on there.

It was like Lord of the flies. They turned on me to try to tell me how righteous they were.

Even the guy I thought I knew, who prior to this we always got along and I thought he was a right on guy, turned also.

These were the Christians?

Jesus said:

Luk 18:8 I tell you that he will avenge them speedily. Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall he find faith on the earth?

I have family and friends who sometimes we get into loud discussions on things. We debate a whole host of beliefs but in the end, morality is always agreed upon.

Yet the Christians seem to want to go down the dirty road. Doing what they want and scoffing at those who contest their actions. As a brother, don’t I have the right to bring the truth to another brother? The bible which we all said we agree to, says I do.

Finding faith upon the earth is certainly looking more and more difficult.

In the mean time there is a feature on Face Book that immediately cures the problem. It is called block. If you see something not nice and it bothers you that much and you have tried to discuss it to no avail. Hit the button. It is obvious that the person cares more on their stand for evil than he does for your friendship.

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