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Department of Education takes royalty type stance

It was a typically hot day in Quezon city on April 2nd, 2012. The various graduating classes gathered together at the Q.C. circle to enjoy the graduation exercises that they spent years going to school to enjoy.

The proud parents equally joyous to see all the hard work that they invested in their children to get them to this point. Parents and relatives were pressing at the entrance. This was not to be their day.

They were told they could not sit up front to see their children. They had to sit in the back behind politicians, teachers, Deped people. They wanted to take photographs of this momentous occasion but told they could not go in the front.
Professional photographers were there of course. These were for photo ops for politicians and officials who just have displaced the parents from seeing their children graduate and being able to take their own photos. Of course the professional photographs would be available for sale, but the poor could not even entertain such an idea.

So here we are, children having their graduation day with politicians and officials seated comfortably hoping to be caught in a photo to show everyone that they care about them while the poor parents were in the back on their tip toes trying to catch a glimpse of their children.

Corruption comes is so many forms. Many of these people find it hard to even get food some days. They live in shacks and here they are once again kicked aside by those who have usurped the power from the people and used it for their own advantage.

Of course I protested to Dep Ed and they forwarded my complaint. Here is what their lawyer so flippantly and arrogantly answered:

From: Liberty Roxas []
Sent: Lunes, Mayo 07, 2012 11:12 AM
To: action
Subject: Re: Rev. John Wilson

07 May 2012

Hon. Erna G. Aganon

Executive Assistant V

Head, DeTxt Action Center


This Agency would like to comment on the observation of Rev. John Wilson as regards the graduation ceremonies held in this Division. According to Rev. Wilson, the graduation ceremonies held in Quezon City were a slap in the face to the parents as the school officials, politicians, and teachers were seated in front while parents were shoved in the back like “excess baggage.”

At the outset, this Agency recognizes the right of every individual to express their views and opinions, as this right is guaranteed by the Constitution. However, this Agency is not an internet blog, site, or forum, wherein personal opinions, comments, criticisms, or sentiments (such as Rev. Wilson’s) can be posted and answered. As it is the citizens’ taxes that make this Agency operational, we devote and maximize our time in rendering quality public service. We considered it as a waste of time to answer personal sentiments and criticisms unsubstantiated by any proof and are intended merely to express dissatisfaction.

In this view and with due apologies, may we respectfully request your good Office to refrain from sending us personal comments, criticisms, opinions and sentiments (such as Rev. Wilson’s) for this Agency’s appropriate and urgent action. We, however, do appreciate and entertain reports, complaints, and inquiries as this Agency can validly exercise its investigatory and adjudicatory powers on such matters.

With regard to Rev. Wilson’s sentiments, it is a globally-accepted customary act to have the government officials and teachers seated in front during commencement exercises. This customary act is a manifestation of respect and due recognition to government officials who were chosen representatives of the people. As such, it is but appropriate to have them in primus as they are representing the citizenry.

We hope that this sufficiently addressed Rev. Wilson’s concern.

Thank you very much and more power.

Very Truly Yours:


Legal Officer

I wanted to forward this to the DepEd Secretary Br. Armin A. Luistro FSC as I read on the internet that he is against such corruption and usage for political reasons. However, as most websites in the Philippines, they do not have email addresses. Perhaps he will read my blog.

I would encourage anyone who has a child which will graduate this year to inform their local powers that be that they nor their children will be attending the graduation service because it is a waste of time and it only serves political interests.

Perhaps if no one shows up these people who think they are something but are not will realize that without the parents or the children, there is no need for any of them.

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