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August 2009



This past July 21st marks three years that we have been here in
Payatas. Looking back we wanted to see if we achieved the goals we set
for ourselves. The answer was a resounding YES! God has caused us to be
part of a great mission. When there was so much against us (and still
is) God has led us to victory time and time again.

Come see our new Website!

The Children are our future.

Yet they are hungry, and they need to go to school which means school supplies and clothes and meals.

They need so much but resources are low. Some children in the third
world simply do not go to school because of these problems that the
first world does not have. So what will become of them? They will
perpetuate the cycle of ingnorance and poverty in this place.

We are trying to get some projects sponsored so these kids may thrive
and have a chance at a real future. Please help us to stop the cycle of

Please click here to see the projects that can use your support

What is the Church?


already know that the Church is the base of operations in which we
reach out to those outside the Church compelling them to come in. (Luk

Yet the Church is so much more for they who will inherit salvation.

We have young people who love to fellowship even with the old people.
The older children watch out and guide the younger ones. Some of our
youth are now learning to play the organ and guitar and did I mention?
Pastor Jun plays the organ for us now at the Church. What a blessing.

One of our children, Don Don age 6, had an infection in his face that
was so serious, it required him to go to the hospital and he was
there   eighteen days. His mom, Christie, slept there with him and she
also spread the gospel to other patients, nurses, doctors and visitors.
God used that situation and Sister Christie to lead seven people to
receive the Lord in that place.

Our people are learning that when you have a problem, sometimes it is
for testing to show yourself faithful. Christie passed that test with
flying colors.

Our youth share the Lord to their classmates at school and our very young are learning good morals.

One of our ladies just passed her personal trial on how to submit to
her husband! It’s been a long battle but she is happy for the victory.
Now we need the men to learn how to treat their wife well and put her
on a pedestal.

The church is our home. It is part of our daily life.

We thank God for this place.

Morningstar School Refurbishing 

We were able to raise $23.00 (for 5 gallons of paint) for our new project.

As we spoke about last week, we are endeavoring to fix up the
Morningstar school which was recently take over by our own Sunday
School Superintendent, Ave Delacruz.

Please pray as this school takes shape and increases it’s outreach to the community as it increases its enrollment

Do you need prayer? Please send me your requests. I would love to pray for you.

Pastor Jack


 Meet Pearl

Pearl is very special to me.

She and her her husband; Francis, (background) always have a positive
outlook and a big smile. They love the Lord and His Church, door
knocking and all the activities.

Pearl isn’t able to come much anymore.

Pearl is diagnosed with breast cancer. She spends her time going with
my wife or some other lady in the Church to find a government agency
that will pay for her treatment. She just was told that chemo is not
working. She now will undergo radiation.

I would ask each and
every one of you to pray for Pearl, her husband and their daughter
Princess. It’s hard enough to endure cancer but even harder when you
have to find a way to get your own treatment.



Our new Church website is finished.

Please take a look at it at:


Let me know if you find any broken links or typos.

In the meantime,
our wonderful
Christian website builder,

Emmanuel Rodriguez

is making over the Payatas Mission Outreach site. Keep checking  to see the changes.


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