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August 2007


Last month made it a year that we have been here so it is a new year for us this month.

As I mentioned in an earlier update, I am president of a non-profit organization named Christservice Inc. It has been established to improve the way of life for impoverished Filipinos. GodsGrace Medical Assistance Inc, of which I am a board member, is also a non-profit organization created by the help of ChristService Inc.(CS) GodsGrace Medical Assistance Inc. (GGMA), was developed to provide medical assistance in the way of free medical examinations and low cost drugs for those who would otherwise go without treatment. Additionally, to be eligible to buy low cost drugs or to obtain the free exam, the patient or the parents of the patient, must undergo a counseling session in which they will receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Staff, mostly voluntary, are always ready to present the Gospel of Jesus Christ to others.

Payatas Baptist Church has taken a major part in participation. At this time we are doing the necessary carpentry, painting, electrical, etc� to get the office ready for business, In August when we open, we will be there for counseling and whatever else is needed.

This operation was funded by ChristService and plans on being a totally self-sustaining ministry within three months. Please pray that many souls can be led to our Lord through this great work.

Our first men�s and women�s fellowships will happen this month. On Aug. 18 & 19 respectively and on Aug 25th we are planning a major door knocking campaign. We are praying for 50 door knockers to show up!

We have started an English class and have over 25 people signed up. Malou has taught two classes already and everyone is having a great time learning English from 6 – 60 years old!

I imagine you have already seen the photos from the Medical Mission that we just held here in Payatas. We fed approximately 500 people and treated almost that much. See the details by going to and clicking on the �Multiply site.

I know this is summertime and I would love to give a word to the Saints. Your Church does not close its doors when you go on vacation nor is it like a bus where you only pay when you�re getting a ride.

Your Church is your home. It has all the same needs and perhaps more. If you�re not giving to your Church on a regular basis, you are compared to someone who does not support their family.

Ask your Pastor what are the needs of the Church are, if you are not aware of them and then work together with the family of God to make your Church, the best it can be.

The success of the Payatas Church is because 1- Faith in Jesus Christ 2- Love for the Saints. That was what Paul bragged about the Ephesians and as long as we are not like them, forgetting our first love, we will do well in Him.

May God bless you as you draw close to Him.
Pastor Jack Wilson

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