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April 2011

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April showers bring May Flowers

Raywith members


If you take a look at the photo you will see another
white guy here at the Church. His name is Ray Vaughn and no, he did not
come here to join the Church but to take away one of our members.

The gal in front of him is our own Sister Kris whom we
worked so hard to make her a wonderful Church worker and faithful
member. Now Ray has come for her.
They will get married as soon as the application for emigration goes through.

I tried so hard to find something wrong with Ray so I
could get Kris to stay but he actually is a really good guy.


So now I would ask you all to pray that they get married and come back like Malou and I did.

If you look at the lady in the front, that’s Sister Alyce
and if you eremember, I married them not too long ago. She is now
waiting to be reunited with her husband Michael.

Soon, she will be gone also.

We wish them both God’s blessing and we will miss them terribly.


The Kids of payatas
are a lot like your own kids. Thanks to our influence they now have hopes and dreams, just as yours do.
They like to eat three meals a day and who knows? A bag of chips ever so often.
The kids in Payatas don’t go to McDonalds. It’s too
expensive. (Perhaps thats a good thing) They don’t get new clothes but
get donated clothes or buy used clothes for next to nothing.
No Adidas, Nike, Puma. They would not know the names anyway.
Their entertainment is our VBS and camp if we have enough to bring them.
The Kids of Payatas are very grateful for what they have.
They see photos of beautiful houses and manicured lawns
in America and they are happy just to see such beauty. They are not
jealous nor do they think they will ever have such things,
They do wonder sometimes why some have so much while others beg for food.
I wonder about that too.
If you think these kids, who may be the product of a
broken home or a home where there is no income, deserve some help. Hit
the button.

donate-icon 3

Go ahead.
Hit the button.

Please visit our sites:


Today is the first day of our
annual VBS. It looks like it will be the best one yet. With the theme,
“THE LOST WORLD” it will relate how so many in this world have gone away
from God and so many who never heard of Jesus. These kids will learn
much and also have a great time while they do. They will also play games
and have contests!

We expect about 100 kids as that is our limit (we can’t fit any more than that so pray for a building please)


We have had consistantly , more than 50 people out doorknocking every week. Many times about 57.
Our people are trained and are excited to spread the good news throughout Payatas.
Thousands have heard the word in this place.
{Pray for more workers as the harvest is white and ready.



We have heard that saying
since we were kids and it’s still true today but we should say—IF we
have April showers THEN we will have May flowers.

No matter what it is in life, receiving always has to do with giving.

Suppose you have a large field and in it you plant a few
tomato seeds. Do you really expect to get an entire field of tomatos?

How about if you are always nasty to everyone, do you expect everyone will be nice to you?

If you don’t paint the outside soffits on your house they will eventually rot.

To receive you must give. To get something out you need to put something in.

everyone seems to know that however this rule is a
multiplication rule. If you plant one tomato seed, chances are you will
grow a plant that will give you 5,10, 20 or more tomatoes. That’s
multiplication and if you spend a half of a day painting your soffits
(using good paint) you may get ten or more years out of the wood.

Giving is the same way. No, I am not Benny Hin and I
don’t say if you give to this ministry God will give you a new Porsche
but multiplication is multiplication.

Prove it to yourself. Give to this ministry and see if
your life gets better or not. The Bible says give and it shall be given
unto you and multiplied. (My paraphrase)

If you want love, peace, joy and abundance, start planting those seeds today!

By the way, I heard the States have been getting
torrential rains instead of just showers. I shudder to think what the
vegetation will look like! 🙂



We had a great time yesterday as we had a mock seder and
showed the church the correlation between God saving the Jews out of
Egypt (Egypt representing sin) by the angel of death passing over the
houses that displayed the blood of the lamb on their door posts.
Likewise,  we who have asked Jesus into our hearts as Lord and Saviour
and accepted His blood atonement for our sins, it is applied to the
doorposts of our hearts and we are also delivered from death and into
life eternal.
We had a lot of fun and at the end celebrated communion.


Summer Camp starts on May 9th and let me again say thank you so much on behalf of the kids, for sending them.
Your generosity is and will make a huge difference in the lives of these kids and will continue to multiply outward.
God Bless you all.


As your summer comes to an
end ours is just beginning. As you know our Laura is home schooled as
now is our little Linda. We will need to raise about $500 for the both
of their school material for the year.
Laura, only nine, is going into the sixth grade and Linda
was able to do the first grade with some old books but will need new
ones this year as she goes into the 2nd grade at age 5.
Please mark your contribution to the Wilson kids education fund.
Thank You.



Please help my kids to get a good education while we are helping the kids in Payatas.




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