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April 2009

After waiting for months, not knowing if we would have V.B.S. training and materials, the call came in that we would have them so on March 21st our group of teachers went off to get trained and they received the materials.

It is a very short time that we have to prepare but we believe God will cause us to have the best V.B.S. yet!

Laura needs to go to school!

-CALL TO ACTION-click here to provide an education for Laura []

As you read last month, we need to raise $300 so that we can pay A.C.E. to send Laura’s school books.

We just received a letter from them that if they don’t get it within 30 days, Laura will be placed on the inactive roll.

I think she is too young to quit school. Will you help by giving what you can to Laura’s school fund? Please click the link above then scroll down to “individual gift” to use a credit card or mail a check and make it to” Payatas Mission Outreach .You will see the address when you click the link above. Laura says “Thank you.”

Btw,we serve here by the donations of our supporters. It is by those who support missions that we are able to meet our needs.

Laura is seven years old and is ready to enter the fourth grade.

She is home schooled.

She holds a 95+ average in all her subjects and is very active helping her mommy with the children’s ministries. Won’t you help with her education?



Pastor Jun Madridano and his wife Clarence, have joined with us here at PBC. Pastor Jun will have the responsibility of being our Youth Pastor.

There is a story involved with this. We will give Ptr Jun 1500p per month for his rent. I did not know where the funds would come from only that the Lord said to do it. That same day we received an email from one of our partners saying they just increased our support. How much? 1500p per month.

We don’t believe in luck, happenstance, accident or coincidence. We only believe that God is in control.


We have been trying to raise money for 75 of Payatas poor children to go to Camp. So far we have raised $705!

After doing some serious numbers crunching, we will need to raise about $1,400.00. It seems the transportation is very high. We also want to give each camper a new t shirt and snacks for the week as the rest of the campers get.

Please see the information email on this at: [] CLICK! []

Want to se some great photos from last year? []


God has been adding to our Church, We been baptising on a regular basis and we have been spreading the Gospel all over the Payatas. Please join with us with prayers and finances. Perhaps you can spread the story of Payatas to your friends and together with God’s grace we will Save Payatas! []

God Bless you as you allow Him to rule your life.

Pastor Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda


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