World Vision – Another of the Devil’s Org.’s waiting in line to destroy Christianity

President Richard Stearns made the announcement that World Vision, the organization that is listed in Forbes as one of the top 10, will no longer discriminate against homosexuals who are “married” that claim to be Christian.
His announcement: “Changing the employee conduct policy to allow someone in a same-sex marriage who is a professed believer in Jesus Christ to work for us makes our policy more consistent with our practice on other divisive issues.” Other divisive issues? Perhaps like “born again bank robbers” Or The “Christian spousal cheaters club”?
This was an announcement that must have given many a leftist organization a shiver up their pant leg.
Whether it did or not it was the result Richie was looking for when he made it. Oh the greed of some people. Perhaps he said to himself, “We are taking everyone in for $1 Billion a year but wait until all the left gives to us also!
Of course when his plan backfired he quickly put on the Jimmy Swaggart tears and cried out. I’m sorry!
He’s sorry because now he just might lose his job unless he can somehow convince so many gullible Christians that he truly is a herald of the word of God and it was just a moments loss of reasoning instead of a long planned, drawn out, detailed attempt to subvert the Organization.
I can’t see a comeback but as the saying goes, “There is a sucker born every minute”. The entire board should be fired as they heard and probably had to vote on this demonic plan. Short of removal of the current board and putting some high profile guy like James Dobson at the helm, I see it as doomed.
Did you know that Stearns made $379,861 last year. You might say well, that’s not a lot for someone in his position. However when you are taking the hard earned money of Christians who intend to help the poor, supplying a luxury home or vehicle for the President is not on their mind. Additionally, these salaries are offset by tons of perks so that you never really get the feel for what he makes and many are geared as a proportionate percentage of the income.
I am not saying it is wrong to support large organizations but when I think of how our Organization has to beg for every dime, as we live humbly, drive a 21 year old home made vehicle that we have to repair once a week. That we need to beg every year when it’s time for our own children to get their books for school. That we cram a hundred odd bunch of people in a tiny rented building. I can go on. Perhaps some is jealousy for sure. We dream of a $5 Million dollar complex which would support a school from K-h4 and a large Church and an outdoor covered court for outdoor evangelism on a weekly basis. To have a medical clinic in a place that if you have a heart attack you will die because there is not enough time to get you to a facility and perhaps not enough money to pay them to save you.
Take a look at our Organizations. First there is Payatas Mission Outreach which is based in Riverside , California. It’s purpose is to raise and transfer funding to Payatas. Payatas is in Quezon City, Manila, Philippines. It is the place where many died in a landfill landslide some years ago. It is a place where the littlest, cutest children roam the streets with a sack over their shoulder looking for garbage which can be sold for rice.
Come look at the photos: There were over 20,000 at last count
These photos document our work, this place, the achievements…
Come look at our diary: We call them “Updates”
It is here you have a literal diary of all that has happened since we got off the plane in Manila on July 21, 2006
Come look at PMO (Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc) Our parent organization:
Come look at our Mission Church, Payatas Quezon City Baptist Church And Ministries, Inc. (PBC)
Read about our need for a compound:
Go to and click all the links
The truth is, there is so much written about us so you can see exactly who we are.
Stop throwing money away to people who do not have God’s interest or yours in mind.

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