DEPED and Your POLITICIANS have done it Again!

The Graduation ceremony for Justice Cecelia Munoz Palma H.S. was held at Word of Hope Church in front of SM North.
Once again, the parents were treated like dogs, allowing only one parent to see their child graduate. The intense heat combined with no food caused fainting and vomiting among the parents.
Students had to pay for this. P300 for a public Graduation.
Parents once again were seated as far away from the students as possible while Deped and local politicians got the prime seats. I’m sure they passed out water and perhaps a little merienda for the “special” people.
Most of the ceremony was to hear your politicians speak as if they have done something for you all year long.
The question is this, Last year I wrote to Deped complaining about this but they were rude and had a belligerent attitude. That is because they think they are the Masters and the Payatas parents are their servants.
I want to urge you not to send your children to any graduation exercise or ceremony in the future. We will remind you again next year. Unless of course it doesn’t matter to you if you are treated like dogs.
It’s time you told Deped and the Pols that they work for you.
Please pass this to all your friends and call your Mayor or other politician and voice your complaint.
You can call or email Deped also:
DeTxt Action Center (632) 6361663-+(63)
Stop letting these people use you for their purposes.

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