I am a Christian and so I wanted a Christian for my President. I felt (and still do) that Ted Cruz was that man.

I must point out that a Christian is not a denominational thing so if you think you are a Christian because you belong to such and such a Church, you would be wrong.

To become a Christian, it must be a decision one makes when they are able to make decisions (No babies or Christian by proxy) it will also be proven out by fruit. That is what you have become since becoming a Christian.

I must also point out that one does not become “better’ than others or perfect other than being aligned/united with a relationship with God through Christ.

So when I said I wanted Cruz over Trump it was not because of him being better than Trump (which I believe he was) but the deciding factor was that he was a Christian.

Now the difference between a Christian and a CINO (Christian in name only) or a non-believer is that we have a set of rules and absolutes (the Bible) and not that we obey it perfectly (because we don’t) yet we try. If we commit sin the Holy Spirit nags us and we repent and turn away from it but the non-Christian has no such system.

For example, the filthy stuff that Donald said, was probably said by the majority of the non-believers. Maybe even believers. Yet where the believer would be led to remorse by the Holy Spirit and would turn from doing such things again, the non-believer has no such constraints.

Go into a taxi waiting room and listen to the language. I consider the “F” word absolutely abhorrent yet there are people who use it on a regular basis—No Holy Spirit convicting them so they continue.

What a Christian will know is wrong, non-Christians have no such feeling. Now I am not speaking of every one and every instance but see if you fall into one of these categories:

Cheating on your spouse

Cheating on your taxes

Foul language

Verbal abuse of spouse or children

Sexual misconduct

I can go on and on.

So knowing Donald did not have the Holy Spirit convicting him, I chose Ted.

Now Ted did not make it because in my opinion, non-Christians don’t want Christians and Christians are too confused to vote for their own but that’s another story.

One of the reasons as explained above. He had no Holy Spirit so I could not trust him. (I still don’t) I thought he might swing left or he might not do all he said but one thing, I never thought he would be involved in murder, Muslim infiltration of the Government, Crooked foundations, email scandals and I could continue but for lack of time I won’t.

The only other candidate is guilty of all those things and more so this is really a no brainer. Trump, trumps Hillary.

As I have watched Trump it is obvious he has a big mouth but with that big mouth he always shows himself. Christians become Christians because of a heart change and not for their good works. Trump, revealing it all through his big mouth has produced a sincerity that he will do, or attempt to do, all that he has promised and we can’t ask for more than that.

Hillary will use the office for her own personal gain.

So on the single subject of Trump saying some really dirt bag stuff 11 years ago, he was wrong. Is it a jail able offense? No. Look back at the filthy mouth AND ACTIONS of Bill Clinton. Behind the scenes Bush was no angel. Nixon used that 4 letter word like it was the word THE.

Actually, none of them were believers and if you pried into their personal lives you would find all kinds of things. What you found here was an eleven-year-old excuse to change the subject from Hillary’s Criminal offenses to Trumps 11-year-old moral offense.

Hasn’t it been that way this entire race. Trump is a big mouth. Hillary is a murderer. Trump called a woman a name years ago. Hillary turned down 600 requests for security for Stephens and let him and others die without helping them. Should we go on? Even now as I am writing this, more emails are being disclosed, more evil doings are being revealed and also Trump said some crappy stuff 11 years ago.

I think Trump is a person in a state of flux. He is constantly changing but for the better. I think we will see one of the greatest Presidents to come along if only we put him in.

If not there will be much more corruption throughout the political world.

The choice is yours.