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Why do you give (or not) to help others?

I have racked by brains to try to figure out why someone might NOT give to causes that help others however, it wasn’t hard to come up with reasons as to why some may give.

In anything we do, we need to have a sound reason for doing so right?

Well, maybe not. I smoked three packs a day for many years without one legitimate reason but there were many for why I needed to quit.

So it seems to do bad things we really can do them just like that with no thought but to do good…

I read somewhere about “crowd mentality”. The thought behind it was shown in an instance where someone was laying on the ground apparently hurt. A crowd gathered but did nothing. Immediately after one person ran to the man to help, everyone joined in. This test showed that many people do not initiate on their own ( good or bad) but will in fact, follow a leader.

How does this all apply to giving to causes? I am not sure. Perhaps some of you might comment.

In the meantime, below are reasons that some give and some don’t give to causes that help others.


1- compassion to ease the suffering of others

2-need to do what seems right

3-gives because it is in their family history to give

4-give for reasons of faith

5-give because they relate to those who require help

6- give because they know the organizer or organization


1- no money to give

2- no desire to give

3- do not believe the people designated for help will receive help.

4- Already helping other projects or causes

5- Want to give but procrastination keeps them from giving.

6- Do not believe the donation will make a difference to the target group.

I can answer some of the above reasons of those who might not give.

1-I believe that most people have money to give. Perhaps they do not have large amounts but most (granted not all) can spare a $1.25 a week. I believe many who can give that amount do not believe it is a worthy amount and therefore believe it is better to give nothing. On the contrary. One hundred people giving just $5 per month ($1.25 per week), equals $500 added to our budget here in Payatas and it would make a big difference.

2- I can only change the desire not to give to a desire that wants to give, by showing the need. If someone really internalizes the need, then they might want to help the needy.

3- Those who do not believe the people designated for help will receive it has good reason for their opinion. There is so much greed and corruption in this world and many will use the poor to try to make themselves rich. With that said, it is still no reason to not support anyone. You need to do some homework on those who you might desire to help.

In the case of Payatas Mission Outreach, Inc. We are a 501 (c) 3 Non profit organization. We also have many testimonies of those who have visited us here and see that we do not live high on the hog and that the money sent is going to help others. Most, independent donations go for specific projects as we have Churches that help us with our living requirements as well as Church rentals, electricity, telephone, water and ongoing expenses.

4- Already helping- If you are maxed out, don’t let your heart make you give more than you have. (That’s a biblical statement. “2Co 8:13  For I mean not that other men be eased, and ye burdened”

5- Procrastination kills action. I would love to hear the cure for this one.

6- Those who believe their donation will not make a difference. I read an story of a young boy on the beach after a storm caused thousands of starfish to float ashore. One by one the young boy picked them up and proceeded to throw them back into the sea. An old man, who was observing yelled to the boy, “Why waste your time, it won’t matter?” The young boy answered him saying, “It matters to this one” as he threw another back into the sea.

We have received donations of $5.00 a month. That $5 equals 221 pesos. For 221 pesos one could buy 20 pounds of rice. That will last two parents and a child two weeks of eating. Does it matter? It matters to them!

Let us here from you. And your thoughts. We would like to know what you are thinking.

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