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Who We Are

Who We Are

When we are born we are as they say, Tabula Rasa which means a blank slate.

We need to fill that slate with knowledge. This knowledge is always shared. It comes from outside sources.

Usually our first knowledge comes from Siblings, Parents, close friends and relatives. As we attend school we will not only learn from the teachers but also our classmates and maybe the custodian and the bus driver.

President Roosevelt once stated that he prided himself not on his own brains but all that he might borrow. He saw the truth of knowledge was sharing.

Growing up we might like the same teams as our father or even fold the peanut butter sandwich like the child did on TV just like her dad. We soak all we can into our brain and it gives us a base for what we believe.

Our morals, our character, our sense of altruistic behavior, all formed in these years.

What if however, there was a conspiracy to control the thinking process in kids which extended throughout their entire period of education?

I have personally read one directive to teachers which stated that they had to remove all that the children have learned in Church and at home so that the teacher could better indoctrinate them with reality.

Now there are many,many,many cases such as this but I use it only as a model to show the conspiracy.

Colleges such as Harvard and Princeton among others were at one time run and taught by ministers but now have been taken over entirely by liberals.

You might argue that it has exchanged one form of brainwashing over the other but not so.

It is true that the schools did teach the Bible, It certainly was a good thing and it has been done (until recently) since the beginning of time.
After all, even if you dare to say the Bible is not true (I wouldn’t dream of it myself) How can you disagree with treating others as you would yourself, not killing or stealing or adultery…? Yet every day some liberal argues that a courthouse or a school should remove the ten commandments. Is that logical?

Herein lies the problem, while conservatives were learning about history and science, geography and yes, to love thy neighbor, liberal teachers were teaching there is no God. They taught about self.

Now, there is another part of learning which is rationalization so if I say to you, teaching others that they should not harm anyone because it is the law and will of God is not harmful, that would be rational. Those that would bring you to court to stop that while they also want to force you to hand out condoms to school kids and teach them how wonderful the homosexual behavior is, is irrational.

See the difference?

There is another problem that is involved. That is the liberal teachers teach that those who do not believe as they do are haters, murderers, without real knowledge. They basically are taught to despise us.

On the other hand, the conservatives are taught to hate the sin but love the sinner because everyone is redeemable.

Do you see the difference? Do you recognize who really are the tolerant ones and who really are the haters?

I know plenty of people who basically are really nice people but have some things to which I am opposed. I don’t hate them or run away from them. I still care for them and hope one day we will think alike. However I am afraid the liberal theology, just like the Nazi movement, removes itself from loyalty, from family and friends and any kind of relationship should you disagree with them.

It is very unfortunate. Our solution to this is that everyone share the love of God even with those who oppose you. who knows if God won’t touch them and they will see clearly.

The last thing is discrimination. You need to be able to take all you have learned and to dissect it. I have since discovered that not all who say they are conservative are good. Many are the conservative as well as liberal politicians that are equally evil. That is where our judgement comes in. we should never lean left or right because that’s who we believe we are. I have been presented with some things by liberal friends in which I decided they were right. I did not say it was wrong because a liberal proposed it. Let’s all reason together as the bible says.

In the meantime I would encourage our Christian kids to become teachers and newscasters and spread our values so the world can enjoy each other.

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