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When Romney is President… What do you want to see?

When Romney is President we do not need good old boy biz as usual. It is time for change and some rational thinking.

We want to encourage profit and all should be taxed by percentage. No loopholes!
Under a certain income-no tax. Poor people can’t pay tax.

Education is not addressed with cash but discipline. We teach children here with no resources yet they learn and learn well.

No money to “pay for democracy” If we help someone (other Country) it will just be to help them. If they can help us also, that’s fine. We do not negotiate with terrorists and we do not pay for compliance.
Iran is immediately told to shut down the nukes. They will not be allowed to destroy Israel, our friend.

Immigration limited to those that we need for specialty positions. This is our Country. There is no need to import the dregs of society only for the purpose of their becoming Democrats. Otherwise, we need a ten year moratorium in immigration except for children sponsored by parent (not vice versa) and marriages.

Build a wall on our borders and anyone caught here illegally will work the farms and make a profit for our Country. After a year we send them back. 2nd offense, 5 years and so on. We don’t play catch and release. They are criminals and will do hard time.

Atheists have no more say to remove Christian symbols. We have enough symbols of Atheism let us at least try to keep up.

No special treatment for Muslims. It is not a religion of peace and all over the world that has been proven. No more mosques built. If you don’t like it we ship you back.Why did you come here? Not for a better life because if you had your way you would have your camels with you.

Everyone has the right to bear arms. You must take a test to show you can use a weapon and also that you are mentally sound. A guy that has been arrested six times for beating his wife is not a candidate.

China owes us money, we owe China money. China said they will not pay us back because that was the old regime. We will not pay china back because that was our old regime.

NO OUTSOURCING! All jobs stay here. Too bad if your profit is just 1 million as opposed to 10 million. Not our concern. You are in this Country andyou have a responsibility to the people of this Country. Contrary to what liberals say about us it is not every man for itself.

No more charging thousands for cancer drugs to factor in research. Pharmaceutical companies make billions. Making less won’t kill you but it might help someone to live.

As for imports, we tax them so that their prices are the equivalent to home made and then the consumer will judge which is better.

Jesus said to help the poor and the poor will be with us always. I don’t mean the lazy. Jesus said don’t feed the lazy. Those who have tried and failed because of genuine reasons, we should help to succeed.

My father struggled his whole life but we got by, had a happy family and wound up all fine without any government help. So those who get help should really need it.

Once a man saw a struggling butterfly trying to exit his cocoon. Thinking he was helping the man broke open the cocoon an let the butterfly out. the butterfly was crippled. It seems God made the butterfly to stress through the opening which pushed all his fluids in his body to make the whole thing work. Sometimes stress is necessary.

With that said, I will repeat. Americans who work for a living can not compete with outsourcing so stop it. Raise the minimum wage to a decent living. Presidents of Companies make Millions that they will never spend. Yes, I am a conservative and a capitalists but give me a stinking break. Enough is enough. If you can make millions while your employees need to count their change for the bus that is just wrong.

Employees should work hard for their bosses. I have seen unions protect drunkard morons or tell someone they can’t mop up a mess because they are not the porter. Too bad, mop it up. Let’s neither of us play games.

On the other hand, let’s give employees the ability for two cars and a house and a education for their kids along with a decent vacation each year, pension, sick pay… And employees, work your tail off to make your boss rich! Everything is circular. You cheat him, he cheats you. You serve him, he serves you.

I once was asked by a relative to replace a tiny Bathroom. I gave her a great price. A week later she calls and said the guy down the block will do it for $500 less. I said let him. she said Really? I said of course. That guy was a Hungarian immigrant who lived with his and his brother’s family in the basement of someone’s house and they did not eat meat. How can I compete? Have strict business laws that does not allow new immigrants to do private work for five years. By then they will be eating and living like Americans and will compete as one. That is also a good reason not to let immigrants in that will compete with us.

I don’t have all the answers but I know neither party has been doing this stuff right.

We need to be the supplier of food to the world again. Open up the farms and make sure the farmer can make it and don’t let the poisonous Monsanto Company ruin our good food.

We need to be an industrial nation as well as a high tech supplier of new innovative goods.

Water, Air, light is from God. Stop Nestle and the other Corporations from stealing our precious resources. How dare they buy property near the great lakes and then begin to suck them dry?

Hold Politicians accountable. Why are they building Fema Camps all over the Country? Who gave the politicians the right to build elaborate shelters in case of attack? Using our money you will be protected and we won’t???

Citizens need to be vigilant and watch who we elect and if they cheat us, JAIL THEM!

We can not let our drive for money hurt those in our own Country but must become that ideal society that God has brought us to be.

Do unto others as they would do unto you.

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