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What’s up with beards?


Why did men start shaving their beards? Is there a Biblical relevance to having a beard?1

From what I have read it was around the 1890’s when men started shaving their beards. There are a multitude of opinions as to why. One said because of lice, another said in war it was easy to grab the beard however these same conditions would have been more prevalent in earlier years as it was normal to have hand to hand combat pre- 1890’s as well as the cleanliness factor was definitely much better by them

So why did men shave their beards? To ask that question we might want to ask, why do men do many things. Why do men cheat on their wives or run around? Why do men get drunk? Since the 60’s, why have men grown long hair or act effeminate? The list goes on and on.
Homosexuality today seems rampant as compared to pre 1890’s and men acting like women or little girls seems to be getting closer to the norm.

I have people saying to me, shave your beard, you will look younger. Why would I want to look younger. I am 64 years old and quite frankly, I am glad to make it this far. My entire immediate family are gone and I am left. So looking old to me is a mark of making it. I have no mid life (or old age) crisis and so I feel no need to shave my beard.
My wife loves me. I need not impress another. My children adore me. If I shaved at this point it just would not be me.

Yet, let’s look what the Bible says.

Lev_21:5 They shall not make baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard, nor make any cuttings in their flesh.
Eze_44:20 Neither shall they shave their heads, nor suffer their locks to grow long; they shall only poll their heads.

These were Biblical laws to keep a beard and to remove it was against the law. Now We are in the age of grace and therefore many of these laws no longer pertain to us yet even so, there was a law.
It also was a shame to have your beard cut:
2Sa_10:4 Wherefore Hanun took David’s servants, and shaved off the one half of their beards, and cut off their garments in the middle, even to their buttocks, and sent them away.

Now, here are the verses that say a beard is bad, wrong, ugly, should not be worn.:

An obvious space showing that there are no laws against it.

Why do I wear a beard? Try to understand this. Why would a man don his army uniform and look at himself in it? Perhaps the pride he had in his Country and serving therein. Maybe remembering the discipline of the Army or the camaraderie of the other soldiers.

Why does a wife try on her wedding dress after years have gone by?

I wear my beard because it gives me a feeling of oneness with the Saints gone by. To think of Abraham , Isacc and even Jesus and the special look they had.

I am not looking to be a movie star and I am not looking to impress anyone. I am simply being who I am and who I want to represent.
I think there is a sense of wisdom that people see when they see a beard, a sense of age, a sense of spirituality. No, I am not trying to be better than anyone. I want to be close to God and I also feel this I do to accomplish that. My beard, my demeanor, my teaching, my love for the Saints, it all goes in with it.

So in the future, don’t ask me to shave my beard and I won’t ask you to grow yours.

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