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What’s Going on Here?

I wanted to write about Payatas and the Payatas experience. Most of you know by now that Malou and I and the kids, came to work here back in July of 2006.

We came here to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to a really hurting bunch of people. I will tell you the truth, I came with the thought of just getting them saved at least then if they died they would go to heaven. However , God had more in mind.

I remember starting Bible studies in two different homes of squatters and after three months, looking for and finding the place we are in now.

When we started we were determined to focus on the kids because quite frankly, some of us old dogs can’t or won’t learn knew tricks. Although adults did come and join the church, many more kids started coming.

The things that happened were all God led. I don’t take credit for a single bit but will tell you that God put the thoughts to do what we did in our hearts so He gets all the credit.

We started off washing the kids feet and arms, hands and legs as they arrived straight from picking trash or whatever they did to get filthy. This was their norm. So we washed kids and taught kids. We noticed they were hungry so we fed kids. People sent boxes of toys and clothes so now we also clothed kids and gave them toys.

Someone offered to send about 15 kids to camp and so they paid for the camp and we paid for the broken down Jeepney to take them there. Then we got the idea of making shirts with the church logo. We also started soliciting donations and so each year we send about 60 kids to camp along with a free t shirt and on a beautiful Air-Conditioned buss instead of a broken down vehicle.

We are always open to the instruction of the Lord. One day we had a prayer meeting and we prayed that we needed a project. The next day a friend called me up and asked if I could use ten Korean doctors and of course, I replied with a resounding yes.

We have had medical missions, started two clinics, food ,clothes and toy distributions, VBS each year with an average attendance of one hundred kids, camp,Christmas celebration for one hundred kids each year, school supplies,

SO many things this little Church has done by the grace of God I can not list them all.

Recently we started teaching children how to play the guitar. We told them if they learned two songs we will get them their own instrument. So far we have given away ten and we will soon have to purchase three more.
We did the same thing with the violin, We have two playing now and all together we gave away six violins. All are practicing.

One friend donated five recorders to the Church and my wife has six children (one was given a recorder by some Hawaiian and Washington state friends, These friends gave us a guitar and two Ukeleles which we have kids playing them. The little ones are all anxiously learning to play and most of them can now play “How Great Thou Art”.

We have one child who is missing an arm since birth and has limited fingers on his one hand. He wanted also to be part of the music ministry so we got him a harmonica.

My own six year old is playing the keyboard, recorder and now violin while my ten year old plays the violin, guitar and ukelele.

Music has given these kids the confidence that they can do all thing through Christ who strengtheneth them.

It has taught them discipline. The last time we went to camp we were allowed to play for the entire camp. It was wonderful.

We are teaching academics to some of the children as their own schools fail to provide the education they require. They are over crowded and under staffed. The children’s averages at school have been raised dramatically. We have our first high school graduate and because of the training she had an 86 average and was able to get a college scholarship.

Sometimes I look at our small Church and wonder if we are making a difference but to see how this church has grown, I know we have.

So now I will ask you. Will you help us to make a difference. We need steady supporters who will give every month. Will you be part of this effort to change an entire Barangay? (County)

It’s so east to give what you can afford automatically from your credit/debit card.

We all have different opinions on many things but on helping kids I am sure we all agree.

Please go here now and make a pledge:

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