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What does Maynilad think of people?

I had sent my Deacon down to Maynilad to try to reason with them. He had told them that we have an email that said we have residential and not commercial rates.
The man replied that it was a mistake. He then points across the room and says, but if it will make you feel better I will fire that person right now.
Imagine that. This evil man saying  just like that, that he will fire that poor person who might need this job to help keep their family alive.

He then spoke about the equipment giving faulty answers and it might have been a computer glitch. Yet he still offered to fire someone for his equipments offense.

When you hear philanthropy do you think of Maynilad? Probably never. Yet if they were a good company, they would donate our water bill to help us help Payatas. What does it cost them?Maybe p40 a month?

Call Maynilad and tell them you are sick of their cheating, lying ways.

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