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What can I do?

What can I do?

For those who want to do something to help Missions whether here or anywhere else, here are a few hints:

1- What is your purpose? Many times someone sees a cause and their heart is moved to help and they make quick wrong decisions in doing so.

An example is someone hopping on a plane, going to a foreign Country and giving out vitamins!

Ah! You say, “No one would do that” Well, yes they would. One medical mission coming from the U.S. spent thousands of dollars on airfare, nice hotels and dining out. They spent 1-2 weeks giving free medical exams and supplying vitamins to the poor. Those dollars could have maintained a free medical clinic complete with doctors for over two years helping thousands.

Your heart may be right but your methods wrong.

2- If you are called to the mission field go but if not, give.

If you are not a missionary, don’t assume you know how to make things happen where you wish to help. Let the guy in charge take care of the allocation of funds. The Pastor/Missionary has been called by God to do that job. You have been called by God to help supply some funds. You do your job and let him do his.

If you were sending money for cancer research would you tell the scientists how to discover the cure?

3-Just as no gift is obviously, too large, also, no gift is too small.

I have Heard people say to me it’s not much… Please, if God has put it in your heart it is just the right amount. If we could get 1000 people to donate $5 per month we would have so much more than we do now.

4- A gift without a prayer is like an envelope without a stamp.

God is what makes this ministry run and prayers tells God how serious we are about serving Him. Please pray when you send your gift. Pray the money will be used wisely, that it will be sufficient and that souls will be saved because of it.

5- Shout it from the mountaintop!

If you have been moved to give become a mover yourself. Tell all you know about the work so that perhaps they will help as well. You have convinced many to try new restaurants or an activity and so you could also convince them of the worthiness of this outreach.

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