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What are you doing with ALL THAT MONEY?

From time to time we solicit money for our mission here in Payatas. People need to know where their money goes so they 1- know it’s being spent wisely and 2- get a feel for what their part is playing to accomplish goals here in Payatas.

Let’s run it down a bit, shall we?

First we have our monthly church supporters. They are various Churches who send varying amounts of money toward the support of the church.

Then we have individual monthly supporters. They do the same but as individual givers.

Then we have from time to time, those who give for certain projects in Payatas.

On a average, we receive $1,200.00 per month in regular support.
That let’s us (hopefully) pay the regular expenses of our home and our Church.

These would be things like : (Home) rent, electric, tap water, drinking water, telephone, internet, food, lp gas, transportation, …

For the Church: rent, electric, tap water, drinking water,telephone, internet,food, lp gas snacks for children…

We also have our Church collections which average about $45 per week.

We also pay out of this special projects. For example, children who learn a musical instrument will have one provided for them. What an incredible difference this has made in the lives of these kids. Sometimes we buy clothes if one or more of the kids look particularly shabby, or shoes (flip flops) when they break. Some walk around with taped up flip flops. We can’t ignore these things. The guitar strings break, we replace them because

Begging Child

Will you give?

the kids would never have the funds to do it.

There are things that do not fit in the budget. A child has a toothache and we send him to our local dentist who needs to fill five other cavities and pull three teeth. She is a Christian and I trust her. The shape of the Payatas kid’s teeth are really sad.
So that money comes from where? Perhaps our food shopping money or deferring the electric a week or so. Still, God provides and from time to time an unexpected donation arrives just when it’s needed.

Now there are things that are not in the budget but are absolutely necessary.
The two air conditioners need replacing. The one downstairs has been fixed too many times and is probably older than me and costing too much in wasted electricity and the one in my office is breaking down and is too small. Our up coming Anniversary celebration will cost about $600. Every Church has one each year and invites other churches and people from the area. My wife and kids need their passports renewed. They are dual citizens which mean dual passports. The Filipino passport is not too bad but the U.S. passport is ridiculously expensive. ($100 adult-$85 kids)

We need to paint our building because it is our responsibility and duty to maintain the facilities.

There is more, we need a building of our own, land, Church, school, clinic, missionary quarters, bla, bla and bla but we are not even discussing that. We will leave that until God puts it on someone’s heart.

There are things you want see but I hope you will soon. I haven’t had a vacation with my family in five years, we do not have a car although we were promised one, it never got here. We don’t have health Insurance or pension or emergency fund. Our priorities were always the kids and when the money comes in we forget our personal needs and choose to make their lives easier.

Some might say, Well, if God supplies, let Him do it. He will, but he will use people. When Joshua went into Syria God said go , and I will go before you and I will destroy your enemies. Joshua had to swing the sword and enter the land but God provided the victory. Why does God do that? Because He wants to include us in His work.
Pure and simple, if you give to the mission you are included in the results and so, as you give you are responsible for kids becoming all they can be.

I hate asking for money. We usually ask only twice a year. Once for send a kid to camp and the other for the Christmas celebration for the kids. Perhaps I am doing it wrong. People like Benny Hin ask every day and they are millionaires. I don’t need to be a millionaire but if I were, it would go to Payatas.

The only way these needs are met are through those of you who meet them. Take a look at our photos to see what many of you have been doing:
Then decide if you want to help by going here:

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