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How bad is bad? How wrong is wrong? When I was a child I was told by the priest (I was catholic) that if I cursed, all I would need to do was to add Devil at the end and it was alright to curse the devil.

So I went from a little boy who was horrified to curse as I knew it was wrong, to one who cursed like a longshoreman on leave at a bar.

I was told getting a little drunk wasn’t bad and getting high on pills was fine.
No need to go to Church or read the Bible, just live your life.

Then I got saved. All those things became wrong and not doing them felt good.

As I got closer to God I understood more about what pleases Him. Before that I would be annoyed if someone tried to tell me differently.

So now it’s Halloween and it seems the world celebrates it. Maybe, that’s your answer. The world celebrates it. A holiday that involves demons and death is totally against the Bible and if you are close to God, you will realize it. If you don’t realize it and you find yourself making up excuses for why it’s okay, let me suggest you draw nearer to God.


Some people also believe in Luck. Bad luck, Good Luck but God’s people believe in God

Our 13th Anniversary will be this Sunday with our one and only Missionary family taking part.
Pastor Lloyd will be preaching and showing the work in Thailand while his wife, Nattalie will teach the kids Sunday School upstairs.

We are looking forward to a blessed day.

Our 20 year plan is moving forward. We now have three young people in college and three more entering in August of 2020.
Please, click on this video and if you can, please send a donation to help them.


These young adults have been with us for many years. We have encouraged them in Academics, the arts and especially in the Word of God.

They are active in the Church doorknocking, visitation, feeding program and teaching.

We start them off young as the Bible says:

“Pro_22:6  Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”

Little Russel Canete is 10 years old. His Aunt has been bringing him for three years. He does great in school, plays the harmonica, recorder, runs the audio visual equipment but what thrills me the most is his devotion to God. He preaches to his youth group. If you don’t speak Tagalog you won’t understand but listen anyway. The Spirit of God in him is more than obvious.


God Bless from Ptr Jack, Malou, Laura and Linda and remember:

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