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Update November 2019

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!pbcemailheader
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Little Laura before our trip


     Linda being dedicated

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Pr Lloyd Abiva preached the Anniversary Sermon and his wife Natalie taught the children’s Sunday School. His daughter Abril was so grown up and pretty since we last saw her and it was the first time we were able to meet their son, Carlston for the first time. He is such a cute kid and smart as a whip!


I am the turkey cooker in the
family and YES! I am bragging.

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It’s so hard to believe we left California 13 years ago with my 4
year old Laura in a seat on the plane next to Malou and while down on the floor lay 6mos old Linda in a basket.

To be truthful, we had no idea how to be missionaries but one thing I did know was how to pray. I told God He was going to do everything and I would just listen and it has worked out great.

Malou has turned out to be the strongest right hand a husband could want. When we first started the Church, I believe some of the women were jealous of  her and they did not give her the respect that a Pastor’s wife deserved. She did not complain but prayed. She eventually earned their respect and all the ladies now look to her for answers. She is quite the help meet with mine and the Church’s needs.

Laura went from a little 4 year old to a beautiful young lady who will be 18 this February. She now attends Bob Jones Memorial Bible College and besides her religious education, she is studying music. She plays the keyboard at Church, also co- leads the Choir and Music ministry, teaches violin at the Church, Teaches Children’s Church…

Linda went from the basket to becoming a lovely teenager (13) She is homeschooled with her grades being in the 90’s. She is a superstar playing 7 instruments and is happy to teach others.

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Here are all of us as we celebrate Malou’s and my 2oth Anniversary.


We hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving.If I wrote all the things we are thankful for I’d be here all day. As you know, it is not a Filipino holiday but for some years now we have celebrated with our good friend Pastor Reuel Palit-Ang and his family.

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Our 2019 , The 13th annual 100 kid Christmas Celebration
will be held on December 14,2019
The Theme will be, “House of Bread”
The verse: Micah 5:2

Each year we raise money to hold this event. So far, we have nothing towards the $1,000 needed.
Pray that we will get the money required within 2 weeks.
Pray the kids will receive the Gospel.

The children will receive a hot meal with dessert, A PBC shirt, pants or a skirt, some footwear, prizes , toys and if we have it, a small bag of groceries for each family to celebrate also.
Without this yearly event, most kids won’t have a Christmas.

For all those who have faithfully supported this mission with prayer and /or financial support we thank you and wish you all a Merry Christmas!

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