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What is Truth?


Truth appears to be whatever the majority says it is. What is it? Corona? Covid? or China Virus? Should we retreat into our homes to hide from this virus they claim will kill us all? Should we all wear masks and stay 6 feet apart?
Worse than that, should we stop meeting at Church?
So many churches listened to their Government in good faith, believing they were saving lives. Then they found out that more people were getting it in their houses than in the public.
The very first amendment to the Constitution is freedom of Religion and freedom of Assembly. It was the first because it was the most important. No one, not even the President without declaring Martial law can stop the Church from meeting or worshipping. Yet Governors and Mayors are making their own laws. Only Congress can make a law. Only the states can make an amendment.
Recently , John MacArthur , a well known Pastor decided his church will no longer put restrictions on attendance. But before this most Pastors would chastise you for opening. we will see, as other well known Pastor’s do it, you will be free to do so also.
Read it here

You see, truth comes with the majority. I remember when I started the ministry and put a donation button on the site. Some Pastors were aghast that I would do such a thing. Now, they all do it.
“Heb_10:25 Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Baptist churches are autonomous. You make your own decisions according to the Lord’s persuasion of your heart. Hebrews is not saying assemble if the Government says.
There will come a time like Daniel or Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego where we need to stand.


Our door knocking and Visitation has slowed as people don’t want to open their doors so we switched to a heavy duty education program.
We now have 7 classes on Saturday and Sunday. I have been giving out books from my library to H.S. and college level. They read one and trade it in for another. God is so good to tell us what to do.
Of course we are also teaching choir and the many instrumentalists we have.
The great thing is the Gospel is intertwined with all our studies and students are still sharing the Gospel.


I have been sharing my library with the High School and 1 2 College levels. They will read the book and then take another. The level of education they are getting is amazing!

Laura is going to be starting at the University of the Philippines (Free tuition)
We have 4 others who are just starting. One is free, one is very low cost and two full pay. We have funds from our donors and we will need more in the future. Thanks to all who gave.


Jobs have been very difficult here since all these shutdowns. God has blessed our members with wisdom as they are selling food, clothes and other home made products.

Last but not least.
Pray that I can buy a new car. I need to stop driving as my eyes are getting worse. The car I have is over 30 years old, no power steering and prone to break down.I need a small, safe , automatic for Malou and Laura to drive.

God bless us all!

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