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There’s a new Sherrif in Town!

999105_197409283777219_773545559_nI was pleasantly surprised after the election of the new Baranguay Captain. Within weeks of his taking office, there were lines painted on the roads to designate lanes. There were also traffic enforcers posted at busy intersections.

After seeing these things I actually got hope for this forsaken place of garbage.

The street sweepers are out doing their jobs and I don’t know for sure but I am supposing that this man has planned many things for this community.

Finally there has been appointed a person who cares about the people. If he does continue in this way he can easily become the most noted barangay Captain ever.

When I first came here I felt the need to pray for this place. The leaders were corrupt and were no assistance in helping the community to thrive. I have encouraged my Church to pray daily for the barangay Captain and all who have a hand in the politics of this place!

This man may just be that answer to prayer.

Mr Barangay Captain Manny Guarin, welcome. We wish you well. We want you to know we are praying for you.

Click here to go to his FaceBook page and thank him for a good job!

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