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The “Quantum Pendant” Do you want healing?

My Blog today is not to show you how to get physical healing. God has provided doctors for such things and in some cases will heal you on His own. One thing I will tell you, unless it is demonically performed, you will never be healed by a Quantum Pendant or “Scalar” energy.
It is said people believe what they want to believe.That also provides for psychosomatic healing.
With the Quantum pendant, it is literally a scam from the start.
My experience with the pendant happened as I visited the office of the Lighthouse Foundation. A so called Christian organization that among many scams, one was selling these pendants and recruiting others to do the same.
There was a man there who also claimed to be a Pastor.
They took me in the room and gave me a demonstration. Did you notice the first five letters of demonstration?
Anyway, I can tell you about it, or show you. Please click on this video to see the scam. Fraud Alert!

This blog is not necessarily to alert the general public to the scam. If you are susceptible to scams, you will no doubt, eventually, fall prey to one or more. No, this is to warn the Christians as this type of scam is demonic in nature and goes back to mystical times.

There are far better men that can show you how this type of device and ploy was used by sorcerers, witches, and a whole host of idol worshiping people. All one has to do is a little referencing using Google or some search engine to produce those results. You must know that there are a ton of websites with false claims on how this stuff “really” works but don’t believe it for a second.

What we would like to do is warn the Christians that perhaps even their Pastor will try to get them to believe this stuff. You might say, “Oh, that’s just crazy talk”. However you would be shocked if I told you the name of the Church in Makati, Philippines (One of the largest) that at least one of their Pastors are promoting it to his students and teaching them that “The power of God is on this Pendant”.

Devil's necklace

Does God need to use this? Should we glorify this?

The head Pastor knows about it and as of this printing has done nothing to stop this Satanic practice and teaching in his church.

It is not our will to publish names as we are praying for this once great church to return to sound teaching. Please pray for them as well and also any who will be fooled by such nonsense.

The bible says, Mat 14:36  And besought him that they might only touch the hem of his garment: and as many as touched were made perfectly whole.

Come to Jesus for your healing and leave voodoo remedies for those who are perishing.

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