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The PBC Shirt

You might wonder, why does the Payatas Baptist Church have a uniform shirt?

I got the idea (as all my ideas) as a inspiration by God.

The PBC shirt does so much for those who wear it.paste

#1- It shows that we belong- anywhere we go, the PBC shirt is recognized by other members of the community

#2 – It advertises the Church – It has a insignia on the front with the PBC logo

#3 – It advertises the need – On the back of every shirt it has SAVEPAYATAS.COM which is a web site showing the need here in Payatas.

#4 – It shows solidarity – New people coming to the Church anxiously await their very own PBC Shirt

#5 – It removes class distinctions – Sometimes children in their pursuit of “being cool” seek to wear something “better” than someone else. When we wear our shirts, we are all equal.

Shirts are worn every Saturday for door knocking and anytime we make an appearance such as playing our musical instruments in another Church or arriving at camp…

When we wear our shirts we are a team. We are the local church. We belong to the congregation of Saints. To the unbelievers, we have integrity, we are there to uplift the community and to many, it creates a desire also to belong.

There are no ranks in our team. The Pastor as well as the youngest member wear the same exact shirt (except for the size of course)

What sets you apart from those in your community? Do people associate you with Jesus Christ? I used to say that I would not have a Christian bumper sticker on my car because of the way I drive. Now I want the sign that says I belong to Christ to be an example to all.

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