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The Massacre at a Connecticut School

The Massacre at a Connecticut School

As I read about the twenty year old who killed his own mother and then went to a school where she worked and killed little children between the ages of 5-10 years old and also a couple of adults. I was not surprised.
I wasn’t shocked in any way. I wasn’t taken off guard. My heart however sank.

My throat tightened and I felt anguish. I have two daughters in that age category. My mind went to the parents of those children. Oh, the pain, the sorrow, the horror of losing ones own child and not to a horrific disease but to nothing but pure evil.

There is nothing that can express my sorrow as I love children so much. We just finished giving 100 children a Christmas celebration in a place where children do not have a tree, or presents or a special meal. Without this celebration, they would have no Christmas at all.

The children in Connecticut will now have no Christmas. Their parents, friends and relatives will not either.

The next logical place the mind brings us is to the reason why, this happened. We need to know what would possess someone to do something like this. Putting that thought aside for a moment, we look to the next logical thing the mind should seek out. That is blame. We can blame the twenty year old that committed this heinous crime and we will. We might even blame the parents that raised such a boy or the society that missed his demented mind and might have foreseen this tragedy.

Then, there will be the illogical who will blame the guns. They will say, if only he did not have those guns it would not have happened. Which is very true. By the way, I just read of a Chinese man who slashed twelve or more (I forgot the number) children in the school. They have gun control laws but no knife control laws.

Maybe if cars were outlawed he would not have had the ability to travel to the school. I am not trying to be funny, just logical.

The minds of conservatives (of which I subscribe will point out that if there was one person there with their own legal gun he might have been stopped. At the worst case scenario, if each teacher had a gun, perhaps only half the kids would have been killed.

Let’s go back now to the question WHY, did this happen. I would agree if no one had a gun this shooting would not have happened but the logic of thinking you could remove all guns from this Country is not a good one. Besides, we just read about the Chinese guy with a knife.

Also, although I subscribe to the logic of the conservatives and do believe we need to be more aware and able to protect ourselves as this world gets increasingly worse, that in itself is not the answer.

At sixty years old I don’t remember any massacres of children in my younger days. I do remember discontinuing prayer in the schools, the sexual revolution, turn on tune in,,, I remember the rules getting weaker, don’t spank your children said Dr Spock and his own child committed suicide.
I have seen the world get worse as we told God to get out. Just think, there is a battle whether we should say Merry Christmas in a nation that declares itself Christian.

There will be those who will oppose me on this. They will say we need more liberalism. We need more education. We need more psychiatrists. We need to get rid of guns.

The truth is we need to get rid of our hatred for right and wrong. We need to cling to old fashioned morality and discipline. Children need to be trained up. They are being trained up now but many are being trained up not for good but for evil.

Don’t take my word for it, Look at the statistics. Since 1961 we have begun to completely spiral out of control. The murderous free abortions although in the millions still did not stop kids from having kids.

I do believe that Christians need to do more. One person told me they do not go door knocking in New York because people do not respond. That’s just not true. They are responding even if they reject the Gospel it is a response.

God said to tell them. That is our job. Just like I am compelled to write this blog even though many will say I am not right.

You have been advised.

2Ch 7:14 If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

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