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The Folly of Philippine Elections

I would first like you to know I am writing about the Philippines because I am experiencing it firsthand.
That’s not to say the U.S. is better, just different in how it lies and corrupts civilization.
Anyway, we had a good day spreading the Gospel and teaching the children at the Church and so my two young daughters and I took a nap. We were no sooner starting to doze off than I heard the familiar cacophonous noise coming from giant speakers in a truck. These were people “campaigning” for their candidate.
They have many methods to get their message across but it seems their favorite way is to blast music with some kind of jingle about 150 decibels throughout the neighborhood. It seems if they can get their jingle with their name, drummed into the ears of the people, than the people will remember their name at the polls.
They have hundreds of followers whom I am told that they give something to ride in open back trucks , motorcycles and whatever else they can get to roll down the street.
As I said, I was trying to fall asleep when they started their loud subliminal message but they actually stopped, the entire caravan, with the noise truck just outside my window.
I admit I lost it. I went downstairs and I yelled that they had no respect and after that they did cut the noise down. I preached to the people that this was Payatas and in the last thirty years no one had done anything for the people that had a political title. I said it was lie after lie year after year. I told them I have done more for Payatas then anyone of those screaming, chanting Zombies. I yelled, “These are MY People”.
I then walked away feeling good that I said my piece but also a bit shaken that I screamed at a couple of hundred people without getting killed.
Some of the volunteers actually said they were sorry. I don’t want take anything from the volunteers because they probably really believe the guy they are yelling for is some kind of Savior.
People do what they are accustomed to but I am shocked that people would vote for such an obvious scam. How could they vote for someone who blasts idiotic jingles not caring if people are napping, or sick, or have babies but just blasting away , trying to dent the minds of those poor people who have never seen a good thing come from a politician.
Once, a couple of years ago, I was walking through Payatas with a large group of Church members. I was stopped by a lady who introduced herself and asked if I would get my people to vote for her. I asked why they would vote for her. She said because she was running for council woman. I said but I never saw you before today. She replied that she only started running recently. I laughed.
I said to her, if you want to be a council woman, you need to do what I do. Walk through Payatas and speak to the people. Find out how they are hurting and then try to help them. Teach their children academics. Perhaps teach them music. Feed them and give them a Christmas. Send them to camp and then when election time comes they will ask you to run for them.
This is foreign to both politicians and voters and that’s why things will never change because of them.
With Jesus Christ however, things change for the better all the time. We keep preaching Jesus and whosoever responds finds the peace and joy that only He can give.

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