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The Difference between the Left and the Right


With the introduction of Donald Trump to the Presidency we need to try to understand the differences between voters as almost one half are opposed to him.

What are some of the differences between the left and the right?


I think we all want things like peace, joy, love, happiness it is just the path to get there is much different according to their party.


The left wants unlimited abortions right up to and including the birth of the baby. I have even seen an article where the person thought they should be able to kill their own baby up to two years old.

The only way I can describe this is the left really believes that these are not actual babies. That they feel no pain. That they are as one person put it, “It is just a pile of cells”

My thoughts on this are many. Can that many people be so ignorant? Again , can that many people be so selfish?

This one act alone is represented by every single left sided politician. No exceptions.

This shows that the left is an uncaring, group of people who focus on self and not others. There is no sacrificial spirit among them when they think like this.

They have a fixation with all perverted sexual themes.

They are either A-Biblical or A-moral.

For the right, we have absolutes yet for the left there are no absolutes, no black and white but only shades of grey.


The right use the Bible for our guide. The left either do not believe in the Bible or makes up their own version.


How can homosexuals get married when marriage was instituted by God in the Bible? It is a religious tradition, not a secular one. So just like you cannot take a man, cut off his manly parts, paint him up and throw a dress on him, all you have is a perverted man not a woman. In the same way, you cannot take two men or two woman and join them together in Holy Matrimony. All it is are two people living together and perhaps having sex. It is not a marriage.

So then why fight for that right? It is because they want that religious bond even though they are not religious. Even though it is diametrically opposed to the Bible but it never, can be done.


They want to help the poor. That is not exactly true. They want to support every deviate they can with other people’s money. They see the Government as a huge piggy bank with no end.

The conservatives would take an old man or woman who are old, cannot work and have no one to take care of them and would do anything to help them. Liberals think euthanasia, helps them.

Liberals think anyone on drugs or alcohol or mentally ill deserve to be put up in good housing with all benefits. Conservatives believe the mentally ill need treatment. By the way, people who live on the street and urinate and defecate all over themselves, are psychotic.

Liberals don’t believe in workfare for welfare. They don’t believe in lifting those people up. They believe in sustaining them in their troubles.

The environment. There is a lie being perpetuated by elite Democrats. It was called Global warming then, when that was obviously wrong they called it Global cooling and again with that failure, they called it climate change. Why did they try so hard to take what we know as four seasons and cyclical weather as something that did not exist? Because they could sell carbon points and make a bundle. The sheep keep bleating and following.

At the risk of this turning into a book, let’s suffice it to say that there are serious differences between the left and the right. It is the same differences as good versus evil.

We both want peace and joy and love and financial and educational independence. Some of us want to work for it and others want to take it by abuse.





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